Welcome to your 30s and giving zero f**ks.

I couldn’t WAIT to turn 30. And the fourth decade of my life is not failing to disappoint.

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Since turning 30 I have learnt:

How to love myself utterly, inside out, head to toe, guts to the sky.

To allow myself to become brave and loud.

Wanton and open.

Ready to love and be loved.

How to forgive everyone everything. More or less.

That forgiveness is the highest form of anything anywhere.

That sometimes the most compassionate thing to say

is ‘no’.

To feel my feelings.

That the easiest way to heal all wounds is to allow myself to feel them.

To let pain crack me open.

To let the love flood in.

That I create and uncreate all dis-ease that manifests in my body.

That I am the master of my own destiny.

That I am made from love.

And therefore, light.

I am connected to my truest self.

There is no need to be 'right'.

Stop being a martyr. (How I love the spelling and cadence of the word martyr).

I know now that no one human is better than another.

Nor worse. We are the simple perfect sum of our experiences.

From cradle to grave.

Choices made.

I experience a richness and savour of life that is profoundly magical. It is the difference between a one night stand and making love.

Everything, everything, is a miracle. Every moment, beat and breath is an opportunity for my growth and expansion.

I meet my match in every experience. It is my reflection. It is my teacher. It is my healer.

Every second that I choose to find a better feeling thought, to raise my vibration, to benefit the greater whole I am of positive consequence to others.

When I choose to respond and not retaliate.

When I choose to empathise and not to judge.

When I choose to recognise another person, all people, all living things, within myself.

To expand. To increase your potential for happiness. To connect on an ever deepening level of gladness. To recognise that you are one with the Universe. With pain AND joy. That is to become whole.

To arrive. As I do every morning on this crazy amazing planet.

I am able to experience the love of others because I love myself.

I am worthy of love and connection because I choose to be worthy of love and connection.

Forgiveness is the highest form of anything anywhere: This one is too valuable. It warrants saying twice.

My friends, my chosen partner will be my loving companions on the journey for as many steps as we choose to tread the same path.

This journey shall only be as joyful and rich as I will allow it to be. I am thankful for all and any resistance that they choose to reflect back to me.

I am thankful for all and anything anything that manifests for me.

For I am its creator. Complicit in its seams.

I am sharing this post right now. As it stands. Full frontal. Bare ass out. Naked and clean.


Because I landed in my 30s

and I give



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