'Stop the world, I need a break!' How showing up for yourself means stopping for a bit

In overwhelm, it's vital for a woman to tell everything and everyone, she's going to retreat and work on her inner self

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I want to bring your awareness right now to your human.  While I think some would call it your ego, I think that confuses the situation sometimes - the colloquial understanding of the word ego is ‘I think I’m better than you’ and that’s not where I want my attention or yours on this topic.

I’m talking about the human part of you, the one with the sense, the hearing, feeling, touching part of you.  

You see, there are two parts to us all, the energy part, the part of us that is connected to source, ‘our higher self’, some would call it, some would call it ‘god’ maybe, our spirit, our essence, whatever your name for it, there is another part of you and it’s pure energy, not bound by time or space, there is no yesterday or tomorrow for your energy based spirit - just positive energy - and you’re either in alignment with that as your human, or you’re not.

Our human is here to feel in this time space reality, to experience touch, taste, smell, a timeline, the idea of yesterday, now and tomorrow.  Our human is here to experience this - ALL of this, but don’t get so caught up in your human’s perspective that you forget that the larger part of you remains energetic and connected to source.

Don’t get so caught up in being a human, your job, your name, your body that you forget there is a higher part of you that you can tap into, and you can tap into it and use it as your guidance system, your GPS, your navigational tool.

When you’re worried, stressed or in fear, you can be sure it’s your human trying to keep you safe - not trusting in the larger scale of how the universe works.

Your human will say no, will weigh up the pro’s and con’s, will drop evidence into your awareness of where things went wrong and it will prove you right every time, it’s clever you see - it wants to keep you safe and it does that through showing you the narrow band width of what you’ve lived and seen and personally experienced in this lifetime.

But your essence, because it doesn’t live by those rules of time and space and limitation, it sees expanded potential WAY beyond anything your human could and it drops you little energetic love notes along your path to show you, you’re doing the right thing.

Love notes in the form of laughter, joy, coincidence, a friend when you need one, an angel showing up at the right time, something working perfectly...a sign, a signal.

You might ask, in the middle of the night for a sign that you’re on the right path, you might now know who you’re talking to, but your higher self is listening. And if you stay aware, you’ll see those love notes littering your path. 

When you are open to hearing your high self, when your human trusts in an energetic part of you that it can’t hear or see or smell or taste or touch, then you’ll KNOW when something feels right, and it’s the next right move, you have no choice but to walk towards it.

Let's get this in context.  I’ve made some pretty massive decisions in my life.  Decisions that affected not only me but others close to me also.

For those massive decisions I have to dig into my higher self, my essence, my spirit - what ‘felt’ right, I had to get into alignment with that energetic part of me, not the human who wanted and needed safety, habit, routine and a framework to be held in.

For the energetic part of you needs no framework other than for you to know that your life has a bigger calling on you than your human can ever see.

Your spirit needs you to trust that you have a higher purpose here on this earth than simply showing up as a human every day, in the same job, in the same role, in the same country, with the same people.

Your human has built responsibility yes, money to bring in, family to support, emotional needs of those around you to be met but in order for you to fulfil those human responsibilities, your ability to tap into your higher consciousness for guidance is pretty imperative.

Your essence needs you to shine your light - needs to remind you just how incredible a being you are! So that your human can shine, receive ideas that make you fizz with excitement about life and move boldly and bravely.

When your human is stuck, when you feel overwhelmed and stagnant, it’s simply that you’re not in alignment with the higher part of you that knows WHERE you need to be!

I know this, I’ve done this, I’ve experimented with this and I continue to.

When I feel in overwhelm and fear (and I do!), I quieten my human mind, I sense into the space between my physical body and my energetic connection to my ‘self’.

For in THAT space, I can feel calm and ease and trust and knowing.  I can receive and use messages of what to do next and where to put my energy.  For my human thinks it’s the action that will change my life and my direction, when in fact, it’s INSPIRED action following a quietened mind that moves us, it’s being in alignment with those who will hear our call, it’s sensing into ourselves and being brave and writing about sh*t like this that might make us different and odd to some, but will resonate so loudly with others that they will feel their heart pounding in their chest.

Alignment is EVERYTHING, finding your energetic self and telling your human to shut the f**k up every now and then, so you can HEAR yourself!

Seriously, this is real stuff, this is essential to your star-spun potential.

You are an incredible human being with an essence so shiny and positive and full of love that the world needs you to show up.

I needed to show up and I have done, so many times.

And now I’m showing up again, so that you can show up with me.

I’m holding space for you to stand literally next to me, here on the earth in Bali. I am here at this time in my life and I’m calling women to stand next to me.

It’s time to tell your human, ‘thanks but I need you to let go of the hold you have over me for a while’, ‘I need to feel my spirit’, ‘I need to find myself’, ‘I need direction and clarity and I need to listen to it right now’.

I am calling you beautiful woman, I am drumming and drinking Cacao to commune with my higher self and I’m calling you to do the same next to me.

I am breathing with you, I am holding you in ceremony even though I don’t yet know your name, I am sensing your strength and willingness to walk your own path and have your hand held while you do.

Find me. I am here.  Really here. In Bali, space will be held on 18-23 October, at a beautiful retreat centre that will ground you and hold you in a sacred beautiful place while you navigate your inner world, so you can compete with your human again and stand up in your life with energy.

This is not just a holiday (although you will rest), it is space that will be held for you to find your inner being, to show up for your human and to give her support in a different way.

We will guide you and show you how to contact her, how to give her reassurance and how to arm her as she goes back into life.

I will be sat in sacred circle and I would love your company - your human and your essence.

So much love to you

Lynette  x

To retreat with Lynette in Bali THIS October, 18-23 - click here and find out all the details

Lynette Allen

Ceremony holder, Ritualista, Writer & lover of sacred plant medicine Cacao, A Woman's Blessing

Lynette Allen is a modern day medicine woman, using the sacred plant medicine Cacao, ritual and meditation to bring alignment to source and grounding to earth, for her and her clients. Her 20 year career has seen her write 4 books (her 5th to be released soon), she is a TV/Radio presenter, broadcaster and international speaker on the rise of the feminine (for corporates and the good of the earth). She currently lives on the edge of the jungle in Bali with her husband Mark and youngest daughter Livvie aged 7. She is also mum to Rosi and Nanny to Rhoda and Mac