Today July 28, 2019, I put an important stake in the ground

This important and very personal declaration has been a long time coming... And it has everything to do with updating my life and work in Mallorca to match this new moment of July 28, 2019

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I grew up on a Caribbean island where from a very young age we spent many family holidays at my aunt's beach house which was on the wild and breezy Atlantic facing side...

I've always had a boundless affinity for the beach. As a teenager, my best friend and I spent countless hours connecting, contemplating our lives and experiences up to that point and imagining our futures at the beach. And thinking about it now, I would go so far as to say that a solid 75 - 80% of my vacations over the years have been at the beach.

Yes, you could definitely say I ADORE the beach 😄 🌊🌊🌊

But what I'm really referring to is the type of affinity that occurs on a cellular level...a whole bodied/being resonance with the vibration of the crashing waves and the smell and feel of the salty breeze as it blows through each layer of my aura, clothing and hair.

There is a spectrum of vibration that exists and it spans the inner layers of my existence. Because it perfectly matches my outer experience of being at the beach, there is a powerful inner activation that occurs when the two coincide.

In these moments I am at my most free, alive and connected with myself, those around me and all of life. In the deepest of felt ways, I come back to myself as I remember who I AM.

What has been interesting to notice about moving our family to Mallorca, a stunning Spanish island here in the Mediterranean, is that it represents the evolution of my life long love affair with the beach. On a more submerged level however, our relocation here reflects my own evolution in the most important roles I play in this lifetime as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, guide, colleague, creator and friend.

In as much as I am still the same Caroline I was 2 or 3 decades ago. I have grown so much. In that time I have come into my own, lost myself, been pushed to my limits, rediscovered myself, allowed myself to expand, let go of much control and ultimately, to be confident and on as many levels as possible, FREE.

This has been one of the major themes in my marriage...we continually ask and have asked ourselves and each other over the years, how can we create more ease? 

How financially, commitment-wise, time-wise and emotionally can we be more FREE?

We make a powerful creative team. 

Being in a partnership where there is solid holding and belief in the other person is nothing short of magical in terms of the barriers, untruths and limits it can dissolve and/or move.

It is important for me to acknowledge this because it can be easy to fall into the trap of hiding or feeling guilty about our accomplishments. There are many of our friends and acquaintances who were just plain stunned by our decision to up stakes and move to Mallorca. The truth is that it wasn't a snap decision. It was a dream for many years before we decided to make it come true.

The truth is also that once we made that decision, it was clear that on a base chakra level, it was a very triggering situation (finances and survival issues) for many of our acquaintances, colleagues and friends.

If you have any experience at all with folks inadvertently trying to dump their discomfort in your space as a way of quickly removing it from their own, you would know just how unpleasant and completely unnecessary it can be.

The snide remarks -- especially in response to social media posts -- like...

"Look at you, aren't you living the dream?!"

"No one likes a showoff"

"So, you're still enjoying Mallorca then?"

"You can tell me, what's it REALLY like?"

And interestingly, right alongside the negativity, our decision has been met in equal measure by nothing but admiration and support from our families, other colleagues, acquaintances and friends.

So, having been a full 2 years since we moved to Mallorca from Wales, I have been aware for some time that I really desire and need to bring this phase of our 'recently moved' status to a close so that we can be fully present to the beautiful life in front of us AND without guilt or compromise, occupy the exact space required to fully enjoy our co-creation of being here now. 

Of course, that also means energetically giving the naysayers back their discomfort so they have the opportunity to resolve their feelings and insecurities in their own time and way.

As you probably already know if you are reading this, as Mallorca's goto professionally trained clairvoyant and spiritual mentor, I work with deeply spiritual women who are, or aspire to be financially free. If this is you, you too have possibly found yourself on the receiving end of the discomfort, judgement and even weird passive aggressiveness, invalidation or punishment from those around you as you try to allow and enjoy your hard won good.

My reason for sharing my experience is so you can more clearly see that if you aren't fully aware of how these sorts of influences are working in and around you, you can find yourself unknowingly shrinking, compromising your wisdom and needs and selling yourself short -- all of which cause you to assume the role of supporting actress in your important life creations rather than being the STAR!!! 

Caroline Diana Bobart, Mallorca's goto professionally trained clairvoyant and spiritual mentor to deeply spiritual women who are, or aspire to be financially free

It means a lot to me to share with you my declaration to the universe that I have been formulating for some time here... 

I, Caroline Diana Bobart declare myself FREE. I live in Mallorca and I have a business that I LOVE. I wholeheartedly celebrate that my clients are fully committed to embodying, living, enjoying and sharing their fullest possible expression now. They are as blessed and ecstatic to work with me as I am with them because I have achieved the emotional, financial and time freedom they desire to create and I teach them, without guilt or compromise HOW.


If you would like to talk to me about the specifics of your situation and what's needed to get you grounded on YOUR unique path of creation and freedom on all these levels with overall confidence and ease, you are so welcome to apply for a private 1:1 consultation with me. 

We will go DEEPER than you've ever gone into your present situation and I will give you a precious look through the doorway at everything and more that is possible when you are ALL IN and work with me.

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Also, if this message is resonating, check out what my clients are saying here

I can't wait to for us to connect!

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Caroline Diana Bobart

Mallorca's goto professionally trained clairvoyant & spiritual mentor to deeply spiritual women who are, or aspire to be financially free. Guest Writer, Teacher,

As a high-level, professionally trained clairvoyant and spiritual mentor with 17 years rich experience of the multi-layered complexities of the human condition, I have the priceless ability to laser straight into the core of your struggle and reveal the hidden underbelly of exactly what is standing in your way. When you work with me, you receive deep clarity on exactly what you need to do next in order to begin turning things around. My work connects the dots between your understanding of yourself, your position, life experience and skills in such a way that you are able - perhaps for the first time in your life - to finally see how you can begin leveraging these to create a fulfilling, fully expressed, extraordinary life.