The 'secret' to manifestation

Finding the magic bullet to manifesting the life you want cannot be discovered in other people's versions of what worked for them. Learn to uncover your unique path and manifestation power.

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Having run my own business for about 7 years now, the spiritual issue of money and manifestation has been a very present theme on my journey. Particularly, how I could make money with the least amount of effort and most aligned actions. This search has brought me into contact with a lot of ‘manifestation promises and models’, of which none really ever worked. It is one of the most hyped spiritual themes I’ve come across with most bull-shit and half-truths.

What I eventually discovered is that a healthy relationship with money and manifestation, cannot be found in models of other people’s discoveries and interpretations. Yes, for a while – because most things we put our mind to will work for a bit. But not in the long run. And then you are stuck again, needing to try out someone else’s truth and ‘magic recipe’.

Consciousness is the ‘secret’ solution The real answer is to be found in the understanding that the only thing that matters in manifestation (and money) is consciousness. Not vibration, law of attraction, weird ‘magic’ recipes, ‘secrets’, notions of correlation between money and time – money and freedom. Only consciousness.

And your consciousness is unique. Consequently, no-one can give you the magic bullet to what will turn your manifestation power on. Especially not if you are no longer operating from a collective mind-set.

But what is NOT unique are the principles that shape consciousness and energy. They are universal and can be used by all to discover their unique soul truth and manifest dreams. You don’t have to be a ‘good person’ or use these principles for ‘good things’. These are neutral principles based in law, available to all.

These principles challenge many of the myths that exist about spiritual manifestation (which is essentially just making something happen in the external world, which involves the free will of others). I cannot cover them all here, but would like to nuance just a few of the most prevalent ones; “I’ll let the Universe decide” – “Law of attraction ” – “Vibrating high”

1. The Universe does not have a plan for you – the Universe only reflects back your consciousness. What you put in is what comes back at you. The Universe does not have an opinion about what you should or should not do – it merely responds to you. So, for instance, when things don’t work easily out or are hard, it is because something exists in your subconscious that is mirrored back to you in the external world. And thus, needs to be looked it. Remember, you are the creator of your reality based on free will.

Only you decide what you want to create and experience! If you let it be up to the Universe to decide, you will be ruled by collective conditioning and subconscious programming. So decide what you want to create in life.

2. You cannot attract things into your life – we are not attractors. We are creators. That means nothing is ever really attracted into your life. The law of attraction is better understood as ‘like attracts like’ – which means we perceive what is like or aligned to our consciousness.

If something is within your comfort zone, you can “attract” it through your focus. Except it is not something you have attracted. What is really happening is that you gave your consciousness a powerful instruction, and then it perceived it the field. It was already there – you just didn’t notice it before.

What you perceive in the field is a result of your consciousness. That means the options you see, the opportunities you perceive, the interpretations you have, the actions you take are all a result of consciousness. But if you have subconscious fears, limitations, programming, which is not aligned with your goal, it will not happen. These need to be uncovered and aligned first – this requires shadow work and taking actions outside of comfort zone.

What you want, you need to become.

3. Vibrating high is bad for manifestation: When you ‘vibrate high’ you are operating from polarity, which is not in alignment with your Soul energy and Source energy. A state of high vibration is a manipulated, unnatural state to be in (which our nervous system is not fond of either). It first of all sets you up for a swing (law of rhythm) – which means you will eventually have to return to the other polarity of that ‘vibration’, which is not very nice. Also, you are extremely ineffective when you are in ‘high vibration’  – among others it is a state, which limits access to intuition, make us imprecise in focus and direction of energy – which manifestation requires.  Instead you need to operate from a non-polarized energy, which is coherent, neutral, balanced, calm – which is energy aligned with Soul, Source – flow.

Instead of ‘vibrating high’ – try to stay in non-judgment, observation, neutrality, calm, peace, acceptance as much as possible. It will make you much more precise and effective.

If you want to dive deeper into the principles of manifestation and how you can shape your consciousness to align it to what you want to experience in the world, I’m here to support your journey. What you will learn, will continue to serve you on each step of your journey.

Maiken Piil

Executive coach, Conscious leadership expert and spiritual mentor, Connect To Purpose

I'm in love with the power of consciousness and how it brings us into our full potential and pave the way for a magic life. I'm a teacher of consciousness. I'm a spiritual advisor. I coach people, who wants more from life. I coach business leaders into their full potential. I help my clients to expand their level of mind and thinking in order to step into the power of their truth and become a creative force for good in the world. Power, Truth and Transformation are my tools. Please let me know how I might be of service to you?