Learn to Discern Your Own Path

The world is an ocean of energies pushing us from all sites. Your inner stability and calm never has to be compromised by the planets, other people or spiritual resources. Learn to ride the waves of your life.

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Every time we try to find explanations in the external world to what we are experiencing in the inner world, we give away our spiritual power and authority. This is especially true each time we turn to astrological updates, planetary energies, collective energy readings, other people’s interpretation of the ‘energies’, spirit guide messages etc. 

If you want to connect authentically and powerfully to your soul and your own Divine path, you need to tap out of these collective attitudes in favor of your own connection and relationship to your path and your soul.

Every time you look to others instead of developing your own connection and spiritual authority, you literally diminish your own spiritual power, and hold yourself back spiritually. Start by asking yourself, if you had all the answers yourself and the wisest insights into each moment of your life, why would you spend your time on other people’s (inaccurate and general) interpretations of your situation? Why would you want to be ruled by the average when you can govern your own Kingdom?

You’ll not miss anything because change is the only constant
Foremost, don’t worry you’ll miss anything when you stop engaging in the spiritual entertainment industry. When you start to observe instead of being pulled into the minds need to make meaning, you’ll realize that all ‘energy updates’ are cut around the same generic story line.

It looks a little like this; The energies ignite transformation - Karma, old wounds, pains and programming will be triggered to be released – do xyz to navigate this/it will feel like xyz – change will happen.

Why, because this is not the story line of specific energies ‘right now’, it is the storyline of life, which unfolds every second of the day each day, if you are awake to notice.

Growth, transformation and change is constant. We are always in a process.  And in that transformational conversation with life, we are constantly settling karma. Whether it is healing of ancestral karma, programming, wounds and pains, overcoming resistances etc. etc. It is all a part of the journey we are on.

We all only have one destination, and that is back to our Soul nature. Other people’s energy interpretations are not insights into our specific journey. They are just one person’s interpretation of collective energies through that specific person’s filter of understanding. Giving power to it is depriving yourself of knowing your own power and developing our own authority.

When you start to pull your attention away from external sources and back to connection with your own Divine resources, you develop a direct conversation with your specific soul-journey. You will have a direct line to your Soul map, and realize that the position of this or that planet has no real impact on the return home.

External energies do not have any power over you
Secondly, you can safely pull back from the external world’s preoccupation with the influence of energies without fear that you’ll miss some insight into your own journey.

When you learn to pull back your external focus and develop your own mastery, you’ll find out that no external energies have any power over you.

I often hear spiritual people giving explanations for what is going on in their life with ‘the energies’. How they feel, what they can or cannot do, how they behave etc. is excused by some external energy. The root causes are always 1) power is given to external world at the expense of our inner world, 2) consciousness of disempowerment and 3) lack of energy mastery. Contrary to popular belief external energies can never rule our state of being. Regardless of the position of the planets, the state of the moon or vibes at work or the actions of your boyfriend or friend – we never have to suffer from and be victims to external energies.

Foremost, we are energetic beings, we are made to work with energies. There is no person walking on this planet, who is not an energy worker. Everyone who has the ability to influence, impact, direct, transform and transmute energies (which is the definition of spiritual power). And we are constantly surrounded by different energies. From the position of the planets, over the time of day, to the collective energies of the world, our country, our neighborhood, and our home. And many more. When an energy resonates to our consciousness we will notice (otherwise we don’t’). And the more we learn to look inward to mastery our energy regardless of what is happening in the external world, the wiser we become and the more balanced lives we lead.

This is not to say that we cannot be influenced or notice the energies around us. But think of it like this:
A really good surfer is not ruled by the state of the ocean and the power of the waves. He does not let them decide what he can or cannot do, how he feels, what state of mind he is in. But he is aware of the state of the ocean. And he notices any big wave coming his way. He even seeks it out as he knows it is an opportunity to practice his craft and develop his mastery. Each wave has a gift. He co-operates with the energy of the wave to come into greater mastery. Not based on what other tells him – but through the direct communication with the wave. Each time he learns to surf better any wave that comes his way with grace, calm and beauty.

You might notice an external energy because it resonates to something in your consciousness. But do not find explanations in the external world. Go inward. Develop your own energetic mastery of your specific path. You have a unique energetic rhythm that is independent of any external energy around you. Learn to know it. Over time you develop accurate insight into the rhythm to surf the ocean of your life.

Trust in your own authority – that is the direct source
Many people think that ‘energetic updates’ coming from other spiritual resources bring a ‘higher perspective’ or understanding to what they are going through in their life. Why would they? The reality is that no-one can know, but you. Why does it then feel so accurate sometimes, when you look at these ‘energy updates’?.

There are many reasons for that. Partly it has to do with our programmed minds wish to make meaning and create stories that provide us with a feeling of inner safety (which we feel when we can find an explanation for what we experience). And it is easier to get a quick-fix from some average, general energy update (despite it providing no real, authentic, true insight into our journey) than taking the time to confront our own limited Self and develop the true connection ourselves.

 Another big reason we can say something general about the ‘energetic state’ of people, which feels accurate, is because most live their lives based on the collective ideas and attitudes and voice of external sources and not based on their unique soul-path and connection to higher self. In this way you are kept in a collective state of consciousness and relating every time you tap into these collective updates. And that will always put a block to your own direct connection and spiritual power.

Any person living from Soul cannot be predicted by anyone anymore. They have stepped out of the control of collective energies and predictability and are now only governed by their own journey and direct relationship with Soul. Which means each moment is unique and can never be predicted.

And you already have direct access to the highest perspective and wisdom, if you decide to cultivate that connection. Why put your attention on other’s?

Where attention goes, energy flows, and karma grows. You are trusting other resources over developing your own mastery, which create more of the same. You are basically telling others, yourself, your Soul and the Universe that other people hold the insights into your life. So, you keep producing more of that. Every time you look externally for answers, you put a block between you and your direct connection. There will always be a transition period where you get lost, feel confused and unsure when you detached from the collective. But that is a part of the path into developing our own authority. You need to let the old go for the new to set in.

Depending on where you are in your journey, detox from spiritual entertainment into authentic, spiritual mastery will be different. However, just like the surfer – you need to learn the practices, tools and understanding to surf the wave of transformation – which is essentially the wave of life.

 I’ll suggest to anyone to find a great teacher, who can support your journey. Not someone who tells you the insights into what is or will happen in your life or give you the truth of their life. But someone who can show you the ropes and teach you the principles of inner transformation, and help you discern between lower Self and Soul. It is easier to venture into the unknown when we have someone to hold the torch until we know the territory ourselves. But you can take a step into your Divine mastery already today. Our Divine nature is powerful and abundant, so I cannot give you the full download here. But a few principles to live by, will help you get started and go along way. Even if you only lived by these principles – eventually your Soul will start to come online and show you the way.

  • Decide you want to detach from the collective attitudes and walk the path of the Soul. It is a path of individuation – so you cannot keep adhering to the collective, spiritual average.

  • When you have made that decision claim your sovereignty – nothing can mess with your Kingdom unless you give it the time of day (If you do – be curious what you are giving power to and why). This is a commitment we make again and again each time we discover areas where we need to let go of the collective to find our unique path.  

  • Know that inner world always creates outer world – everything external is an effect. Inner world is the only thing that can create – so what is the internal cause of the external effect? Planets are an external effect of something that already exist in you. They do not hold power over you.

  • Take responsibility for everything you experience – knowing you create your world, no one can be held responsible for what you do, feel and experience in life. No person, no planet, no spiritual resource is the source of what you experience. Only you are and only you can change it.

  • Keep a neutral mind – do not have an opinion about anything. Meaning solidifies energy and take you out of direct spiritual knowing – especially at the early stages of your mastery.

  • This also means, release judgment of anything outside of you – again judgment solidifies energies and create a disconnection and separation to Divine power. Any judgment is really only a judgment of something inside of you.
  • Observe and be curious about what you are experiencing instead of giving it meaning (always choose your meaning carefully). Over time, you will develop your spiritual connection and discernment. And that will provide you with true, authentic guidance directly from your own library of spiritual wisdom. 

Maiken Piil

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