How To Manifest Like A MOFO

Have you ever felt like you're going through a manifesting lull, like "Dude, where's my super powers gone?" Well it happens to the best of us and here's my personal pick me ups to get manifesting like a mofo once again...

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I want to share my personal manifesting pick-me-ups with you, but before I get started, if the word manifest is way too out there for you, then this might not be for you. You do need to believe in being able to manifest what you want or else you’re just Harry without the Potter.

I’m not here to try to convince you, take what lands for you and ride off on your unicorn into this magical universe where what you believe creates your reality.


So, if you’re still with me and you’re keen to find out more, march with me you spiritual soldier.

Attraction magnet.

By thinking, feeling and believing in what you want to see happen in your life you turn into an attraction magnet and can receive all that and more. Most of the time I feel like some really cool and well’ard transformer who has these insane magnetic powers but then sometimes out of nowhere my battery runs out and I can't seem to manifest… did transformers even have batteries?

A-ny-way, you can become “Attraction Magneto The Transformer” too, you have this ability just as I do and as much as I’d love to say that it is magic, it’s not, it is based on universal laws, which are way too complicated to get into now but I'll give you a taster.

Basically, it’s Quantum Physics. I am not a Quantum Physicist nor do I claim to understand the science part fully. I’m happy with the understanding I have because I’ve seen it work for me and that is good enough. So I’m not going to boggle your mind with Quantum Physics because I can’t, thank heavens, but I can do my best to break it down for you left brainers who need some logic.

It’s all about the energy

Life is always moving, it never stands still and as much as we sometimes wish the world would stop turning and give us a break, tomorrow still comes.

So if life is always moving, it means that everything in life is energy. To make something move it needs an energy source, whether it’s fuel in a car or sun for your solar panel. We make our lives move, we are that energy source and the energy we provide is emotion.

Emotion is energy in motion, e – motion.

So depending on which emotional signals we are sending out and whether they are positive or negative, we will create positive or negative movement in our lives.

Secondly, the frequencies we send out can be picked up by everything else in the world because everything is transmitting a frequency on some kind of level. When these frequencies match, you become connected and act as a receiver, just like a radio.

You know that saying “like attracts like”? Positive emotions have a really high frequency so when you are feeling really happy or excited you connect with other high frequencies hence attracting more positive, good stuff into your life. Dudaaaah!

Are you excited?

Excitement is the best emotion for manifesting because it has a high frequency. It’s powerful stuff. Think of a time when you’ve been really excited about something, you’re buzzing right? You can feel it in your body, you’re giving off good vibes man. You don’t have to say anything and people will say “You’re very happy to today, what’s up with you?”

As I explained earlier, being excited about what’s in the future will bring it to you more quickly. However, to be excited about something you need to know and believe that it’s on its way. To manifest like a mofo, you're excitement has gotta be strong, like seriously uncontainable.

Just follow these steps and see if you feel your energy creeping up.

CAUTION: Beware of limiting beliefs!!

They’re nasty little critters that will slow the process down to a halt. A warning sign that they’re loitering is if when you’re harnessing your attraction power you hear things like “This is a load of BS”, “I doubt this will happen to me” or

“I’m not good enough”

You can see what’s hanging around in your belief closet by writing down all of the reasons why you think it won’t work. Then ask yourself “How is thinking this supporting me and what do I need to change it to?”

Now for my personal pick-me-ups so that I stay excited...

1: Visualise your ideal future every day in a 10 minute meditation until you can feel the excitement.

2: Do a mood board, seeing everything you desire and putting it somewhere you can see it keeps you excited

3: Create a mantra that supports your power and then put it in your phone as a reminder to go off during the day

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