Does your life story enable you?

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I'm in a transition. After many years, my website is finally puffing its final breaths, and a new one is in design. Along with the inevitable anticipation and jitters,  this upheaval has also afforded me a wonderful opportunity. I am reviewing all of the articles I have written since 2011, and deciding which to move across to my new blog, and which to gracefully retire.

As I read, I am engaged in a voyage of re-discovery, finding out what was on my mind in varying seasons and life phases, and learning anew many things the mists of time had obscured. My thinking was not as I now imagine it might have been, there is much that with perspective seems different, a richness both lost and found as my perceptual position has shifted. 

I am put in mind of the way we write our life story, continually re-evaluating events and updating our narrative to see it through the lens of now.  We can not do otherwise really, now is the only time we are alive. We can not yet be in two places at once!

Memory is not a literal function. Memory is made up of sensory experiences - images, sounds, tastes, sensations and smells, and of emotions and cognitions.  We do not remember what happened, we remember how we experienced what happened.  And then, with our adaptive information processing capacity we keep updating the memory according to how we experience life and ourselves now.  We weave a coherent tale through events, making meaning from our story through time.

It's important to notice this fluid nature of memory.  I wonder how your version of events has changed over time? I wonder which changes have enabled you? And which now hinder? 

Rather than being wedded to your current version of events, there is a wisdom to holding your recollections lightly.  To being open to other possible interpretations and stories.  This way, you may just be free to notice more, and to savour more fully that which is there to enjoy.

Fe Robinson, Psychotherapist

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