Take better care and get the f*** into your flow!

Because you are a creative force to be reckoned with.

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Do you have any idea how powerful you are? Some of you do. Some of you are on the fence. Some of you don’t, yet.

Whatever you resonate with, know that that’s precisely where you need to be.

Because it’s where you are.

I believe you have created this moment and attracted this blog post, just for you, at the perfect time. If you decide to leave it now and return to it on another occasion, or even if you never come back to it again, then so it is, and it will still be the perfect time.

Because everything is perfectly timed.

You know when you have those days where everything just flows? The friend calls that you've been thinking of, you find £10 in your pocket, ten awesome opportunities suddenly land in your lap, your favourite TV show is on, your, cray cray coincidences are off the scale?! Yeah. You know them days. Those sweet sweet days of invincibility. To do list complete. You’ve found some time to READ.

Do you know those other days as well though? Where everything is totally f***ed? You stub your toe in the morning. Your delivery that you need doesn’t arrive. You smash a glass and then whilst clearing it up you knock a plate with your ass. You get cancelled on by your super flaky friend even though you already bought the tickets and then you can’t even find your own ticket to go to the event yourself??

How many people you know get dumped, lose their job and find out they have to be out of their flat within a month on the same day?

I got news for you guys, I don’t believe that either of these happy or misshappy days, where particular events occur all at once in a cluster-f*** window of time are a coincidence.

Because I don’t believe in coincidence. I also don’t believe that either of these days are better or worse than the other. Because they are just a reflection of what’s going on inside of You at that moment in time.

And these moments of consternation or extreme bliss? They're just the Universe gifting you an opportunity to make a change… or keep on plugging.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. I choose everything.” ~ Albert Einstein

So do I, Albert.

A couple of months ago I was stepping off an escalator post food shop and as I walked a few yards away from it I heard an enormous crash behind me. I spun around to see a young man had fallen over with a mountain of shopping bags piled on top of him. Myself and a couple of others dashed over to ask if he was ok to which he cursed in a fury: “Fucking escalators! Give me a break already! I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m just having one of those days!”, sure. He eventually got to his feet and brushed himself down, glaring at the moving stairwell for toppling him. I left him to it but as I began to move away I suddenly realised that he’d come up the other escalator - the ‘down’ escalator. So he had run UP the ‘down’ escalator and fallen on his face but it was of course the escalator that was at fault. Erm…

I had a wee chuckle to myself and got to thinking… I wondered what other terrible things had befallen this young man that day to warrant his outcry to the Universe for all the wrongs it had placed upon him, for which he was taking absolutely no responsibility. What other demons descended around him, when all he needed was a break?!! The powerlessness with which he cried out indicated that he had no control.

Au contraire! I wanted to tell this young man. And certainly, whilst we don’t all clamber the wrong way up escalators and then get angry when we hurt ourselves, we do self sabotage and make choices that are not serving us. All. The. Time. Or I know I do.

I ignore the little voice that whispers “Go to the kitchen” as I’m leaving my flat. I scoff at the idea of such a ridiculous 30 second detour and then whilst merrily sat on the tube realise that I left my keys on the kitchen table. But I've also ignored it when it says things that have far more weight and consequence on my life experience like, "It's time to leave this relationship".

There is a part of us that is all knowing.

Similarly when we’re having one of those GREAT free flowing days, we make choices that are little more open, a little riskier I find. I know that on those days, I listen to every whim of a whisper. And guess what happens? More good stuff.

So next time you stub you toe, or decide to defy the point of an escalator, take a breath. Did you stub your toe because you were rushing? Or perhaps because you didn’t move the shoe sticking out from under your bed that you should have moved? Don’t curse the Universe. Don’t even curse yourself. Just breathe. Treat that resistance, that smack from the Universe as an opportunity to slow down. To take better care and get the f*** into your flow.

I want you to. I want me to, too. Because we have a responsibility as humans that are all knowing about the part of us that knows all. To be empowered, to choose happiness, to share our light.....

To listen to the whisper.

Only love, Sian xxx


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