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So week 6 was to only buy food and water (within reason) and week 7 was to tune into your rhythm/body clock and do things when I choose to do them. I did both these experiments in the same week because I tried to do week 6 the week previous but I failed miserably as it was my sister's birthday and it was all about celebrations and treats!

To be honest both these weeks weren't new revelations for me. Money is tight at the moment (single mother living in London and all that malarkey) so I generally only buy necessities and so this is why this isn't new. I did on this particular week buy paracetmol (necessity for my head) and tulips (necessity for my emotional wellbeing) for myself! I remember I was trying to cut back a few months ago when the purse was a bit more full and so I would only try and just spend on my commute to work and I felt amazing by the end of the week! I had saved so much money and I felt in control and knowing that I could spend but chose not to was a good feeling of control. At the moment I can't spend recklessly so I don't feel in control because I feel it is out of my hands. Feeling guilty about buying tulips is not fun. At all.

I live by myself with a 10 year old. I am lucky because I can pretty much do what I please! I go to bed when I want (I set myself a bed time!), I eat what I want and I watch what I want. I get up around 6am and for that week I did a daring thing - I switched off my alarm clock (to be fair I was working from home and my child is an early bird - no chance of sleeping in). I actually woke up a minute or two before 6am. Because I was working from home, I had a bit more flexibility to my day. I went for walks, did work at different times of the day and picked my child up from school (rather than after school club). It amazed me how controlled we generally are by a working day. If I had to get the tube for work that week then I would be rushing and stressed to make sure we left the house on time. When I'm at work, a lunch break is frowned upon or maybe not even allowed! I rarely step outside for the 8 hours I am at work and I eat at my desk. That's not normal. But I know this. This is why I have handed in my notice and want more control over my working day.

Both these experiments is about freedom I think. How much freedom do we give ourselves? Are we dictated by the bank and boss and kids and partners etc? Part of me is screaming to be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and is acting rebellious until I get it! If my boss knew I went for walks when I worked from home - oh my gosh I don't think I could even think about it! And I just want to go into shops and buy something because I can and not worrying that I won't be able to pay for childcare or a bill.

Queen was right, I want to break free!

Nadya Ramdany

Pastry Chef

I am a 30 year old mother to a beautiful, wonderful, quirky 10 year old boy called Akhil. You will hear me mentioning him a lot as he is just brilliant and brings the sunshine in my life! I like finding ways to enhance and grow my emotional health. I also like cake and sweet things. My love handles tell the world so! I like positive energy and anything that will make me laugh. I like bright colours and pretty, glittery things! I am also Columbo's biggest fan and have the boxset. I am pretty cool despite that. I also try and keep a daily journal of all the things I am grateful for. I prefer to see the brighter side of life and I'm an eternal optimist. I live in my own bubble a lot of the time!


Go to the profile of Fiona Dolben
almost 6 years ago
Being a single mum for the last 16 years I am with you all the way...tulips and pain relief a must...working from home around a walk...yes done that. Its called keeping sane in a world of rules and regulations. I still finish my projects on time- I may work at 6am instead but those little victories make my little life worth living. Carry on doing what you're doing. You're doing a great job.
Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
almost 6 years ago
Loving your work Nadya! C x