11 Books to Change the World

Because if you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself!

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I have been fiendishly devouring the English language for as long as I can remember. It is utterly sacred to me. There is a quality so visceral, so potent, so connected to my being, that even just the shape of words on a page can transport me through a vortex to unknown worlds, forbidden knowledge and soul expansion beyond my wildest dreams.

I began reciting my favourite book, The Cat on the Dovrefell by Tomie de Paola when I was two years old, and convinced my parents that I could already read! I am rarely happier than when I am reading or scribbling thoughts and ideas down, toying with language, defying grammatical rules and seeing just how far you can stretch a thought………

So when I say the books I’d like to share with you below are so rich and empowering in content that they are imprinted on my soul, you know I mean business! I had an enormous (KonMari) clear out recently and these books, these BOOKS, sparked so much joy they practically jumped off my lap and back onto the shelf. They are now kept especially close, right next to my bed to be dipped into for guidance, repeated re-reading and to remind me of the power and responsibility we have as humans to shine our light, for all the world to see. Because if you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself.

LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK by Rebecca Campbell

“Whether this book fell off your shelf or into your lap...” - well actually Rebecca, it did BOTH. So I took it on the tube with me that day and within five pages it had cracked me open to my core. This is THE book for the NOW Age. I call it my bible. Effortless to read. Always reached for for guidance. It is the most accessible (and beautiful) book of its kind, in existence.

THE ALCHEMIST by Paolo Coelho

I re-read this book at least twice a year. I am reading it again right now. It changes EVERY-TIME reminding me that there’s always something new to learn. And for a book to grow alongside your own soul's expansion? Amazing. I love it. I love it. I love it. It is so simple and beautifully written. A folk tale on following your dreams and fulfilling your destiny with all the joys and painful disappointments that inevitably form part of that journey. A perfect book.

THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne

The life changing power of gratitude. Recognising what you already have and being thankful for the land of plenty that we enjoy in the West is one of the most extraordinary practices I have learnt during my lifetime, let alone on my spiritual journey. Being thankful has become a part of my every day solely because of this extraordinary book. It connects you to the wonder of synchronicity and power you have over your own destiny. I straight up left my soul draining temp job of over four years on the afternoon I read this book.

EAT PRAY LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert

When I first read this book - it has been re-read multiple times and like The Alchemist pleasingly, it continues to evolve with me - I was in the midst of the most devastating break up that I have experienced in my life so far. I was also away on a retreat learning to meditate for the first time so it felt deeply personal. I attribute it with my first spiritual awakening. It is all heart. So feminine. So empowered. So life-changing.

ASK & IT IS GIVEN by Esther & Jerry Hicks

Oh woah. This is the big one. Get ready for the spiritual ride and revelation of your life. This book just makes so much SENSE. The humour and humanity with which Esther & Jerry channel the wisdom of Abraham is unlike anything you’ll ever read. And they literally have the answers to EVERYTHING. If you’re a human on the leading edge, (erm... we all are) this book is for you!

BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert

I LOVE ELIZABETH GILBERT. There. I said it. This is the most articulate book on creativity I have EVER read. It is so painfully accurate and joyfully inspiring. Practical. Honest. Moving. Hilarious. If this book doesn’t get you over yourself and on with your work, you’re screwed ;)

THE WOMAN CODE by Alisa Vitti

So this one should be handed out to every young woman, everywhere, in every school, ever, before she descends into adolescence. The things I learnt about my cycles and hormones as a woman in this book were so extensive, I was shocked and embarrased to not have known them beforehand. How are we not taught such basic but essential things? I had zero understanding of what happens to my body during my 28 day cycle until this book. It is extraordinary, empowering and educational. A must for all women to ensure we have have a full understanding of our bodies but also our feminine power.


Dreams have always been an epic adventure for me but it wasn’t until I met Charlie Morley that things got even more interesting!! Lucid dreaming is one of the trippiest things you’ll ever experience but it can be as powerful as it is playful. Meet your subconscious, your addictions or your shadow in the flesh - mine’s called Bella, she’s a filthy Victorian urchin with sharp teeth but she just wants to be held :)


This book’s fictional right…? It doesn’t feel that way! There’s so much juicy, exposing content about our modern culture in this book, I tore through it in an afternoon. It opened my eyes to so so much. I could read it over and over and over and still get a thrill. Enlightening, ahead of its time. You’ll feel ready to take on the whole world’s sum of establishments once you slam this one shut!

LOVEABILITY by Robert Holden

Love. Love. Love. All you need is love. Thank you Robert Holden for showing me why it is I feel the way I do in myself and my relationships. Thank you Robert Holden for shining your light and teaching me that I am loveable and deserving of love. Thank you Robert Holden for guiding us back to our eternal loveliness. I am in LOVE with this book :)

SIDDARTHA by Herman Hesse

The Buddha story, yes. But so much more. This book is so deep in its exploration of existence, of consciousness, of the soul, you get slowly more and more immersed in it page by page, word by word, comma by comma, that by the end you too have become one with its language, with its message, with the river. This is a book for souls on their journey, seeking direction whilst secretly knowing that the only path worth treading, is your own.

So which one of these immediately sparked your interest? Or resonates with you the most right now? Trust your intuition. These are the books that time after time I recommend, refer to, re-read and then read again. They are as valuable a spirit guide to me as my friends in the fifth dimension ;) But what are yours? Please share your recommendations in the comments below, I am always looking for new literary delights!

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almost 6 years ago
Love a good book recommendation and was about to do a big order of reading - thank you x
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almost 6 years ago
Thanks gorgeous - I can't find where to access my messages! Wanted to get back to you! Apologies for the delay, this site ain't half tricky to navigate sometimes! xxx And pleasure beauty :) x
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almost 6 years ago
Perfect timing andthanks for the commendations I am just reading Big Magic. Love a good book! Xx
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almost 6 years ago
yo another good one: Make Your Creative Dreams Real by SARK