Self-Care - It's An Inside Job!

Do you dedicate time to caring for yourself and your mental or emotional wellbeing?

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I am an advocate of self-care.  I think I’ve always been pretty good at making time for myself or at least having an awareness of when I may need to take it easy.  I’ve also always been good at talking to friends or family if I need to vent something.

Since becoming a Life Coach, I’ve realised not everyone does this.  I have explored the idea of self-care further and what it means to me.  The key to it isn’t what we do on the outside, but the time we commit to working on what is going on for us on the inside.  This may be on an emotional level, or mentally.  Yes, getting a massage or your nails done is lovely (and important) but there is another level, deep beneath the surface that needs exploring.

Our emotional and mental wellbeing is hugely important and it seems we haven’t been paying close enough attention to it!  We are a nation of people who are good at booking (and not always going!) to see our GP to keep our physical health in check.  How often do you book in with a specialist to check on your mental health?

Here are some ideas of how you might care for yourself, with a focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing:

Conversation with a close friend who is on your wavelength.  Sometimes sharing with family can be difficult as they are the people closest to you and it can be hard to get an outside perspective.  Sharing a feeling, challenge, or niggle with a friend can feed greatly into a positive emotional wellbeing.

Connection with a specialist in the field of coaching or therapy.  I am so pleased we have a growing openness to talking about our mental wellbeing and are becoming more happy to invest in our life progression.  Rather than staying stuck in an unloving relationship with ourselves.  Seek out the right specialist for you that can support you in this type of self-care and self-awareness.

Expression of what is on the inside.  Take care to share what you are feeling.  Whether this is what you desire in your relationships, your thoughts on where you’d like to take your work, or simply admitting to yourself your feelings.

If you need help with exploring these ideas further, I’d love to hear from you.

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