​Moving to the rhythm of the right beat.

Week 7: Tune In - I will follow my own body clock.

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As I was thinking about how I would tackle this week’s challenge of ‘tuning-in’, I realised again how very fortunate I am in that, currently, once a week, I have the hours of 9-4 all to myself. More often than not it’s routinely filled with the mundane but necessary jobs that keeps life running smoothly, however, once in a while (or two), I go rogue… casting aside the shackles of responsibility and expectation and just doing as I feel.

I am a firm believer in the thought behind the saying ‘time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time’. If going rogue means taking the time out to meet old friends for lunch, walking in the park and having the time to better appreciate all that you have or just taking the… (gulp)… whole day to read an enjoyable book, then I am all for it. Especially as it leaves me feeling calmer and more ready / willing(?) to take on whatever happens next.

However, I sometimes find after supposedly ‘tuning inwards’ and listening to what I want, that I end the day unhappy, unsatisfied and more annoyed than when I first woke up. This more frequently happens when I have a day that includes a new challenge or activity that pushes me ever so slightly out of my comfort zone, something I am trying to do more of. I have already mentioned that I am an excellent self-saboteur and on these days, instead of focusing in on the softer, more brow-beaten voice that says, ‘Yes, this is new and slightly scary but let’s have a go and see what happens anyway’, I allow myself to be persuaded by the louder, more domineering voice that resonates with tension and reluctance. By doing so, I manage to convince myself that I really didn’t want to / have the time to do it anyway and back away, achieving nothing, not even a good time, in the process.

So yes, I do think we need to listen to ourselves more, it is after-all how we will continue to grow within ourselves. However, the challenge for me is to make sure that when I am ‘tuning-in’, it is to the right voice, the right rhythm. For now, it may be harder to hear and even harder to follow but hopefully now I know what to listen out for, it will only get louder and more insistent until one day it will be the dominate voice.



I currently live in London but having been born in Canada, lived in Nigeria until my early teens and schooled in Scotland, if you ask me where I am from, I will struggle for a quick answer. I am an excellent self-saboteur and use humour and a practiced laissez-faire attitude as a shield to having to address difficult situations properly. The ‘Great Wake Up’ is me, finally trying to step clear of my overdeveloped protective mechanisms, and to start to interact as closely and honestly to life around me and enjoy myself whilst doing so.


Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
over 5 years ago
I know what you mean. Every so often I used to chill out on a day off from work watching movie after movie drinking good ale, snacking whatever I wanted and enjoying myself but at the end of the day I felt I'd wasted the day which made me feel unhappy (unless it was a rainy old day were I couldn't do anything but stay indoors and even then I was left feeling unhappy). I think you're right, it's all about tuning into the right voice and rhythm.
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over 5 years ago
Hi Mark, thanks. It's funny how all these experiments manage to bring everything to the fore and show us the answer that has been glaring us in the face the whole time. Here's to use both dancing to the right beat.