Being a healer is not something you do. It is the essence of what we all truly are.

Consciousness is truly what governs our spiritual powers. So what spiritual beliefs reside in your consciousness?

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The other day I did a reading for a client who had fallen out with a friend over who were more entitled to their spiritual powers. It is time to debut the belief influencing the world of spiritual development that some people are healers (even ‘meant’ to be) and others are not. That some people have the clair-gifts and others do not. That some people are naturally particularly gifted spiritually and others are not. That some are here to save others.

To me this is all nonsense and rooted in old spiritual Mumbo jumbo, which keeps the world limited and polarized. So, let me offer you another truth and way of looking at the world.

We are all healers. It is inherent in all of us to be healers. It is the nature of our Soul, and when we step into our authentic soul-consciousness we are all healers.

When we align authentically to Soul, we shed the old conditioning that blocks divine energy from pouring through our being.  When acting from Soul, we act in alignment with refined consciousness and thus show up from the highest, most loving and authentic aspect of ourselves. And when we show up like this, we can be nothing but a healing presence for other people. However, when we come from our limited self, ego and disillusions of our own spiritual significance, we cannot offer true healing.

Healing is what you are. Not what you do. Consequently, healing is then not something you do. It is the nature of who we are. In the traditional spiritual understanding a healer is someone who put their hands on you and offered you energy to heal parts of yourself. Or with a more new-agey spin, someone who flies off to other galaxies to perform ‘healing work’ on behalf the planet.

But healing is not just something that pours out of your hands. It is what emanate from of all of our being, when we come from our soul-nature. What define us as healers is not whether we have taken a Reiki course or know how to offer our hands to people. It is whether we show up from our Soul nature.

Of course, for some that will be in the expression of a traditional healer or spiritual teacher. But some of the most powerful healers can also come in the role of a garbage collector, a lawyer, a childcarer, a CEO, a janitor, or a school teacher who shows up from their divine soul nature and offer their authentic soul expression in whatever profession they are drawn to.

I believe we truly heal others when we don’t show up to heal them, but when we show up to experience ourselves and stand in service to our  unique soul-nature. Because when we excel at that, then we automatically become the most healing presence for other people.

We all have access to Spiritual Powers No soul is without access to spiritual gifts, powers and wisdom. And since we all have a soul, we all also have access to the full range of spiritual power tools available in the Universe – whether you see that as spiritual gifts, talents, powers, all of the clair-abilities, and intuitive intelligence.  Why, because it is our true nature, which we are only separated from in consciousness. And which we are only limited in through lack of practice.

When we start our spiritual awakening, there will be certain spiritual powers that come online first. That could for instance be sharpened intuitive sense, it could be clairvoyant skills, it could be our claircognizant skills etc. There will be some that at the beginning are easier for us to engage in than others. But it doesn’t mean that we do not have access to the full range of spiritual powers that Creation bestow on us. We all do.  The growth of our spiritual powers is never ending. The nature of what give them life is ever evolving, and so are they. So if you see yourself as having a Soul – then trust that you have access to spiritual powers and know that having that access is just as normal as farting.

The only qualifier of spiritual power is consciousness The only factor I’ve ever come across that really define the quality of one’s spiritual power is consciousness.

We are an expression of consciousness. We are each a representation of a consciousness. How we show up is a result of our consciousness. What we experience is a result of our consciousness. What we express is an outcome of our consciousness. It cannot be any other way.  That means our spiritual identity, our spiritual powers are always – and can only be – an aspect of your consciousness.

Regardless of spiritual gifted and talented you believe yourself to be – all you take in and express out is filtered through your consciousness. That among others means, that whatever beliefs you hold subconsciously and consciously will influence your spiritual powers and the use of them.

Whether you express your spiritual powers as a clairvoyant, energy worker or a postman – what ever energy flows through you will be affected by and filtered through your consciousness. If you believe that some Souls are send on missions to save others, your messages from ‘spirits’ will reflect that. If you believe that other people/and or energies have power over what happens in your life and your well being, that will be reflected in your spiritual powers. If you believe that something outside of you has the answer to your life, that will be reflected in your spiritual powers.

Personally, I’m extremely careful who I work with if I partner to get support on my own spiritual journey. I care less for their spiritual powers than the beliefs that governs their use of them.

We are all Divine I wish for a world where we would recognize that we are all Divine beings, we all have access to our Divine soul nature and all sorts of spiritual gifts that tickle our fancy. We are all on a journey towards Divinity. And we have our free will to be and do whatever we want. We are all equal. We are all equally insignificant and important. If we choose to see and embrace that instead of covering ourselves with spiritual make-up to feel good, then we tap into the authentic power that makes life so wonderful to be a part of.

Disagree? Ironically we often rather want to fight for our limitation than our freedom. I experience that what I’ve shared here today is threatening to the Spiritual Ego. In its attempt to find safety and value in the world, the Ego likes to use spirituality to lift itself up to a position of specialness. A specialness that is easily threatened because it rests on an illusion, and therefore will also always be defended by an Ego that still hasn’t woken up to the reality that we, for instance, are all special beings with access to spiritual powers. Therefore we rather cling to spiritual conditioning that gives us a false sense of specialness and power.

Secondly, I experience spiritual teachers that benefit from indulging the spiritual Ego and keeping the limiting beliefs alive – maybe because they thrive on them themselve. There is no easier way to lure in a wounded soul than to offer it the opportunity to be designated savior of other people’s souls. Or that it brings some special heritage from ancient times which provide exceptional powers that the world is in special need of. I have met my share of people who have been told ‘special insights’ by spiritual teacher about how they are here on this Earth as ‘special light beings’ to save the world from darkness. Fully ignoring simple principles such as free will, polarity and the superior nature that we all inhabit, among many other universal principles.

Whatever you believe, ask yourself – what truth will really set you and others free?

Always take the most liberating and freeing stand I believe in a Universe where deeper and higher truths are always presenting themselves in alignment with the evolution of our collective and individual consciousness. What I have shared with you here is not the end to all truths. It is just a perspective. One which, although rooted in common sense, deep experience with and understanding of our Soul nature, I’m sure will be replaced by an even more liberating and freeing truth one day. And as such we should recognize that only we create our reality, and thus be willing to let go of limiting beliefs and instead let ourselves be guided by principles such as freedom and sovereignty, that are at the core of Divinity.

And for now, I find that what I offer you here is a more liberating way of operating in the world, which moves us beyond the limited conditioning of a polarized spirituality where some claim to be the superior spiritual messengers that others need in order to be healed and saved. Heal yourself first, then the rest will follow.

Maiken Piil

Executive coach, Conscious leadership expert and spiritual mentor, Connect To Purpose

I'm in love with the power of consciousness and how it brings us into our full potential and pave the way for a magic life. I'm a teacher of consciousness. I'm a spiritual advisor. I coach people, who wants more from life. I coach business leaders into their full potential. I help my clients to expand their level of mind and thinking in order to step into the power of their truth and become a creative force for good in the world. Power, Truth and Transformation are my tools. Please let me know how I might be of service to you?