We are as changeable as the weather

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As I watched the rain pour down on Saturday, it said something to me of the complexity of human experience.   

 Part of me felt exasperated. It was wet. The patio was soaked because a plant pot had overflowed.  Wet muddy feet would soon be coming in and out. I felt a sigh. 

 Just beyond the patio the grass was a wonderfully vibrant green lawn. Cut just days ago, it was already looking like the mower would be out again soon. I smiled at the lushness of it, of the growth the rain was enabling. 

 I noticed for a moment the sound of the rain on the skylight in my office. I grew up with a skylight in my bedroom, the sound of rain is to me a soothing one. It brought back peaceful memories and I felt a sense of calm. 

 I sat down, and noticed the rain beginning to lighten. A thought flashed into my mind of running out in the rain. I enjoy the sensation of light rain as I run, its cooling and refreshing. I savoured it momentarily. 

 Another flash, I remembered two little girls dancing in the garden in the summer rain a few years ago, both soaked to the skin. The decadence brought a laugh. 

 A final remembrance, of being likened to life-giving rain by a work colleague once long ago.  She noticed I brought ideas into the team, sometimes a trickle and sometimes a flood. Over time I have learned to love my rain clouds, even if they overwhelm occasionally, they are part of who I am. 

 As I sat I was surprised by the breadth of my responses to a simple downpour. What a reminder that we are not simple, solid, consistent beings. We are fluid, changeable and inconsistent, with hidden depths. In short, we are human. 

Next time nature offers you a striking experience, pause and notice it.  Take yourself to your senses and experience it.  Notice also what it evokes. Your associations. Your memories. Your assumptions and beliefs.  Any experience can be a window into the way you make meaning. Any experience can teach you about yourself.

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Fe Robinson, Psychotherapist

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