Happiness Club Number 4

When things don't go to plan.....

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I haven't Blogged in a while, and I'm disappointed to say that TLC's fourth Happiness Club, scheduled for February 6th, did not go as I had hoped, well at all actually.

I had, as usual, prepared for the day, and we would look at, (following the guidance of Action For Happiness) 'A', Appreciating; noticing the world around us and mindfulness. I had prepared activity sheets where my members would show how much they had concentrated on particular tasks during the week, and how much attention they had given each one, colouring sheets so that we could practice some mindfulness amongst other things, and we would enjoy chatting and our usual indulgence in cake.

I had previously sent all members HC dates for 2016, and posted reminders on my social media, to which a couple replied with apologies that they wouldn't make this particular day. Of course I understand that life gets in the way and that this will happen from time to time, however when I arrived at my venue, the little cake shop I speak so fondly of, and sat waiting for the arrival of my members time passed into what should have been our ‘club time’, and…….no one showed.

Now, the reason that I am telling you this is because, even after planning and preparing and notifying people etc etc. things somehow still did not go to plan!

So I messaged all of my members while I sat there, and asked them what I could do, after all Happiness Club is for them and I would like to continue to the end (of the ten keys to happiness), with them in tow! I received little feedback. Perhaps I was being too ambitious after all, (although I had previously ruled out ambition as the result of this 'failure'). Thinking Cap On. I will find a way to continue happiness club, even if I go over schedule and it takes me all year! Now I am now more determined than ever that everyone shall get more happiness in their lives even if I have to find a new way to do it! I will keep you posted of course, and Happiness Club for now is still scheduled for March 5th. Watch this space.......

Katie Epton

Life Coach , Esther Esteem ~ previously TLC The Life Coach

Life Coach in Lincolnshire