Are you stuck in a toxic environment?

We all pick up on those negative vibes; the ones that make you feel uncomfortable where the hairs on your skin slightly prick up, or you can just sense that something doesn't feel right. Either walking into a room, having a conversation with someone or having that vibe in your home.

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Know the vibes I'm talking about?

These negative vibes can create a toxic atmosphere and can have an impact in your life, if you allow it.

It can manifest into more of the same in your own world; making you feel ill, depressed or struggling yourself to get out of that negative place.

This toxic energy can occur in any part of your life; home, work space, or people we come into contact with on a regular basis.

Most of the time it's situations where we can't easily avoid or get out of.  For example, work is where you need to go to earn money to pay your bills, or those negative people that you see or speak to are perhaps friends or family.

If this is going on in your life at the moment, here are a few remedies for you to try to help ease that negativity and toxic energy in your world.

Let's start with your place of work.

If you're stuck in a toxic environment in your place of work, try this...

  1. Work politics can be a drag and when you’re swept up in it all, you’ll quickly find yourself absorbed in that energy.  Try to spend time with like-minded people at work and chat about the things you enjoy outside of work.  You generally tend to seek each other out. 
  2. As you get ready for work, imagine a purple bubble going all around your body.  See this bubble as your protective layer where no negativity can seep in.  See any negative comments or situation ricochet off of the bubble, not being able to attach to you.
  3. If you can’t see it’s going to improve in your place of work anytime soon, it’s time to prepare operation exit strategy.  Think about the type of environment you do want and start creating a plan to make it happen.

Now, let's look at your home...

  1. Our homes have different energy coming into them all of the time. People visiting, residents coming in from their day carrying energy they’ve been surrounded by.  It’s good to give it a cleanse now and again with some incense or a smudge stick. 
  2. Loud music or banging in the home is a great way to clear out the energy.  Music can lift your spirits and can help to clear any atmosphere in the home.
  3. Open doors and windows, see the energy leave your home and be open to new clean and fresh energy

And finally, most importantly for you...

We pick this up the most.  People can drain us if we allow it.  The term ‘Energy Vampire’ is one that I became aware of when I was working in an office environment, where 2 out of 8 individuals were draining us of our positive vibes.  They were stuck in a place of negativity and wanted us all to feel like this.  Over time they succeeded with the majority of the team hating their job and pretty much questioning most of their life actions. 

Negativity will breed negativity if you allow it.

Recognise who those energy vampires are in your life.  

Let’s be clear what an energy vampire is…

It’s someone who will drain your energy, leaving you to feel exhausted, frustrated, possibly sad, low and feeling doubtful about anything positive.

They can be found in a multitude of places.  They ‘feed’ off your energy to help ease their own worries or concerns.  They may not even know what they’re doing, but struggle to process what’s happening in their world that it just becomes easier to be negative about it.

Let’s be clear that an energy vampire is not someone who is evil set to destroy you and the world, but if you don’t know how to deal with this type of energy you will leave a conversation feeling zapped, which can then spiral you into the depths of negativity.

So, how can you protect yourself?

  1. Be aware of when these situations arise or know the people who make you feel like this.  You can be the change by not allowing yourself to become absorbed in the negativity.  Trying to reason can often be the worst thing to do, accept that it's not where you are or what you wish to pursue in your life.
  2. Declutter where you can.  If this person is not making life enjoyable for you, then look to make some changes to that friendship or acquaintance.  If it's a relationship that may be harder to step away from, be sure to seek professional support or counselling to help you take the next step that's right for you.
  3. Keep your vibes high by doing the things that spark joy in your life.  It's actually possible to shake off those negative vibes quickly by doing something that lifts you.  If you have an event to attend that you know is going to be full of this toxic energy, plan to do something straight after to raise your spirits.  

Josie Copsey

Life Change Expert, Author, Mentor, Josie Copsey Ltd

Career changes, figuring out the perfect job, building incredible leaders and wellbeing are my jam. But before all of this, there was a corporate girl who had to go through quite a few setbacks, lessons and experiences. Ambitious, driven and focused I built a very successful change and training career that spanned over two decades. Helping leadership teams of large companies to transform their business. But back in 2013 I had enough. I was lost and didn’t recognise who I was anymore. A combination of being professionally bullied, suffering with burnout from working 12-hour days and zero personal life had done me in. My corporate work life had taken over me, I was selling my soul to a job and my health was suffering as a result. I took action and quit the job. Getting clear on my career was the ultimate light-bulb moment for me. But, there had been no definitive path in how I go about making this career change happen; all I knew was what I wanted to do and my determination and focus guided me through. I’m a gal who loves to plan and organise – a couple of my superpowers – so I documented every step and action I took knowing that one day, this would help others just like me. Those who have an idea on what they want to do, but unsure how to make it happen. Those who feel lost and hate their job, but don’t know what to do. Those who are stuck and looking for direction. I teach what I’ve done personally to build a career doing what I love and living the life I want. I’m all about taking action; you tell me what you want and I’ll show you how to make it happen. It is absolutely possible and achievable to be in a job you love; a job that brings you purpose and job satisfaction. You’re here for a reason. Your talents, your heart, your passion – you are one of a kind.