Why changing your media diet can change the world

Celebrate the launch of "You Are What You Read", hosted by Action for Happiness, by watching the full talk here!

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We are all familiar with the saying ‘you are what you eat’: its a very simple but effective summary that has made us increasingly aware that the way in which food is produced, and the way it is consumed will affect our physical health. Well, food is to the body what information is to the mind. The way it is produced, and the way it is consumed will affect our mental health.  

Our information diet may seem less visible but it’s just as powerful and just as important for our overall wellbeing. So what kind of information are we putting into our minds? What effect is it having on us? Before we begin, let us just test how healthy our current state of mind is. Watch the full talk here!

Jodie Jackson

Constructive Journalism, Positive psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Coaching

I believe that we all have an exciting potential to contribute to our own wellbeing as well as others around us. With a few simple tips and know how, we can have greater mastery over the direction of our lives and take greater pleasure in the adventure. Join me on this journey as I share with you the things that I am thinking, writing, reading and watching and welcome your thoughts too!