Tick tock, tick tock – that’s not the sound of my body clock.

Week seven of the Great Wake Up was a simple task – follow your own body clock

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This experiment shook things up for me and was very exciting. The other experiments had a stream of discipline running through them. This on the other hand felt more relaxed and I couldn’t wait to embrace it. This was largely down to the structure of my life especially around my job. I do certain things in a particular order every day like clockwork. Even on my days off there’s almost a fixed plan about the day; get up early around the same time and try to cram in lots of things before allowing myself time to relax. I never listen to my body clock and always feel guilty about just chilling out. Being told, as part of the experiment, to tune into my body clock filled me with enthusiasm.

On the first day I found myself digging out old CD’s and playing them; I felt younger in the mind and full of youthful exuberance. I felt alive trying to tune into my body clock. Later in the experiment I found myself relaxed about work and my relationship to the job. We spend too much time ‘growing up’, filling the day up with things to do and living a sensible life while neglecting our own inner self, our own childlike essence and innocence connected with our body clock. Like so many feelings and goings on in our body we neglect them too often and yet they are always there, sometimes hidden or we keep them hidden subconsciously.

I loved this experiment – it made me feel alive and liberated and made me realise that although there are conventions I need to follow to fit in with ‘the system’ (work will always get in the way) I need to listen and tune into my body clock more. Like some of the other experiments so far, I was left feeling that there is a magic to be found within us and around us, a magic that when we tap into it gives us a greater living experience. When we’ve found this magic the only thing left to do is harness it for a greater benefit. That’s when discipline comes into it. I just need to find discipline now or trust in my own body clock more.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


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over 5 years ago
loving that you are feeling the magic from within!! funny that you say you need discipline to feel it. for me its more commitment to it so i don't get distracted. but i get where you are coming from. nice piece. thank you