All this positiveness is making me feel happily exhausted

just had to say it

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All this positiveness is making me feel happily exhausted

The boxer enters the ring…

I am fairly new to Life Labs, I’m part of the Great Wake Up experiment and I’m absolutely enjoying every minute of it. I feel blessed with good fortune to have been chosen to blog my experiences through the experiments, I really do. Apart from the enjoyment from reading the other ‘wake up’ bloggers experiences I have started to read other contributors to Life Labs too. I am following some of them and their positiveness blows my mind!

Think quick jab (watch out for the hook and the uppercut)…

When I read their blogs I feel like I’m going to explode with goodness from within. Their energy is electric! They are amazing. Where do they get their brilliant strength and vitality from? Why do they seem full of knowledge beyond their years? Why do I feel exhausted from their shininess? It all feels good but I’m knackered with their streams of understanding and words of wisdom of possibilities.

The lights are blinding the smell of sweat is in the air…

They have presented me with avenues to walk down and explore for myself through their enlightenment. It’s both exhilarating and yet frightening for me as a man in his mid-forties unsure what he wants and seemingly on the wrong road for so long and worrying if change is too late. I think my minds about to explode. All this positiveness is happily exhausting me!

The bell goes…

But and there’s always a ‘but’ I don’t want it to stop. Keep the energy and positives coming, they may leave me punch drunk and up against the ropes but I can’t get enough of them. Once more please…

And thank you for helping me do the Boxerbeat.

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