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Don't buy anything except food and water for one week.......

I honestly thought this would be easy. So much so that I almost wrote it off and unlike the previous experiments I was not conscious to the challenge. Perhaps this is why I epically failed! In fact I was almost impressed by how I managed to excuse, justify and tweak the exercise to suit my desires.

What is important to remember though is that with every failure comes a lesson. If I had lived up to the challenge and only bought Food and water over the four days I most likely would have patted myself on the back, smugly waltzed down to the local shops and treated myself for doing so well. Instead however I managed to conjure up a list of items that I NEEDED. After treating my sister to a coffee date in a bid to cure my Gin induced hangover from the night before I then found myself skipping out of H & M having got a bargain on a birthday gift that wasn't due until the end of the month. As if this wasn't bad enough I then strongly decided against making an overdue congratulations card for my brother. I had told myself that any liquid could be considered water, stamps were a basic human need and gifts weren't included surely? Interestingly nothing I bought was actually for myself and I had to question the price I put on pleasing others. What had started as a trip to help my sister juggling childcare and shopping bags had resulted in a downhill spiral of panic purchases followed by guilt.

Chris is right - The endorphin hit is short lived and the list of things to buy are endless. The gifts were appreciated and personal but left me feeling caught up in a trap. The word freedom is often visualised with images of the ocean, the outdoors, birds and laughter. Its not a coincidence that we enjoy these things because they can not be bought. When something is free it creates freedom, possibilities and the ability to imagine. 'Things' don't put value on our relationships just as 'things ' don't provide you with lasting happiness. This experiment has made me look at just how free and creative we can live if we just put down our purse and open our minds to whats already in front of us. Im looking forward to taking this challenge into my daily lifestyle but this time with consciousness.

Sarah-Kate Goodwin

A Great Wake Up Champion!. A Chronically indecisive worrier. A Painfully forgetful dreamer. A self deprecating over thinker and a rather untidy perfectionist, but with all the luck of The Irish and A Champion all the same!


Go to the profile of Lydia Kimmerling
almost 6 years ago
Love this idea Kate - but hard! I am not drinking for a year, which is my lesson learning challenge for 2016. I might try yours next though :)
Go to the profile of Sarah-Kate Goodwin
almost 6 years ago
That's amazing Lydia! I'd love to hear how it's going? I bet your learning all new sorts of ways of having a good time. One for me to try for sure! Going to be honest though, I don't know if I could last the year. Go you!
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almost 6 years ago
Awesome sk! Lovely piece of writing and very very true. We are always pleasing others with gifts, pleasing ourselves with gifts but is it truly a gift or like u instant endorphine hit that is short lived. Making memories makes me happy. And it's the memories that are free that have a lasting effect. I've made a decision not to buy Christmas gifts next year but instead create memories with people. hopefully i stick to it and hopefully people aren't offended with their lack of presents!
Go to the profile of Sarah-Kate Goodwin
almost 6 years ago
Aw thanks Kirsty. That's a lovely idea of yours! Maybe you could write your memories on a card for them to remember the real gifts.