Every day heroes

They are all around this beautiful country. What would we do without them?

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I watched the London Marathon on Sunday from the comfort of my home. The achievement of so many of these runners was amazing. What makes a person continue when it’s so painful and exhausting?

Determination and perseverance to keep going during training even when it’s cold and wet must be at the top of the list. The emotional reason is the main driver for most though. The thought of making a difference to others in memory of a loved one or to bring awareness to a cause will be a major reason for many. One after the other, runners told a different story but similar in the passion and determination to put their cause to the front. So many tears and sadness of the loss or illness of a loved one. The helplessness felt.

There are so many good people out there. We tend to hear more about the ones that are bad though. I think we need to celebrate the every day heroes we have so many of here in Britain. The neighbours looking out for each other, the friends gathering around and taking turns helping a friend in need, the volunteers at the hospices, homeless shelters, nursing homes, schools and libraries. What would we do without them?

The thing to remember is what we can do, rather than what we can’t do. We can’t ensure no one gets a terminal illness or is involved in a life changing accident. What we can do is to be there for who ever is struggling, help with anything that’s needed even if it’s just a hug or a cup of tea. Show empathy and allow grieving of what or who has been lost.

The smallest gestures can make a big difference and the fact that we care is a great thing in itself. This also applies in the workplace. Noticing if someone is going through a tough time and ask "‘Are you OK’ is an important part. Making an effort and show concern for others is a lovely trait to have. Knowing someone cares is a great healer.

To all you everyday heroes out there, continue with your amazing efforts! That is what community and caring is all about. Thank you.

Ase Greenacre

Founder & facilitator , MRT Consultants

We help people in the workplace to become aware of their own impact and choices in their lives. What do we need to do to help ourselves and others to be in better place emotionally? How do we look after our mental health? Mental health and emotional wellbeing is top of the agenda and this is what we work with. The effect in our personal and professional lives is immense.