Play and Transferable Skills for the Workplace, Volume One

Introducing play into work is not just a frivolous “jolly”. Playing with colleagues gives a new perspective and the chance to find creative solutions; it also injects new energy into the workplace.

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Over the past few months I have been compiling "Play and Transferable Skills for the Workplace”.

This has been through a series of posts, illustrating the positive, powerful impact that play can have on the team dynamics, office culture and productivity of a staff team. The benefits of play are much more than "just" fun. (Although we mustn't underestimate the power of fun in the workplace either!)

Below is Volume One – a short description of specific games and their transferable skill, or “use” in the workplace. Watch up for the next instalment – and show them to your boss!


Literally moving towards a goal.  This game elicits utter focus from the group and often innovative ways of arriving! We get to experience ourselves in action, in a safe, fun environment. Do we take huge risks to win at any costs or do we play it safe but get there in the end? All traits are rich contributors to the team and useful for us to know about ourselves/one another

Walk Like/ Floor Is…

 Calling out instructions about how to walk (angry, in hurry, excited) or that the floor is hot/sticky/slippery. Inspires creative responses from participants - literally thinking on their feet. Successful business people will tell you that being a bit cheeky & thinking outside the box has got them far.. this game is the perfect illustration and helps release inhibitions.


Fast & fun. Quick decisions, no room for self doubt. Participants must get into a group of the number called out by the facilitator within a stipulated time (e.g. 5 seconds). Competitive in a good way (light hearted & fun) Brings people together (literally!) & into the moment. This game often brings much hilarity!

 Rhythm Games

The use of Rhythm can provide an excellent experiential illustration that we are part of something bigger. When we work in synch, listen, collaborate & work in conjunction, the rhythm comes together; it sounds and feels better. Add some quick-thinking challenges for mental agility practice and, of course, fun!

The Trust Walk

This is a brilliant way for participants to experience having to rely on a colleague/to be reliable, the swapping of roles, taking of turns, supporting/ "letting go". The metaphor of this activity is obvious and the physical experience of this can be quite profound for participants. This is a great leveller, as an intern may lead the boss and vice versa, exploring the sense of trust and responsibility within a staff team. All this while playing and having fun! 

You can watch short clips of people enjoying these games on the  PACT Creative Training website:

Jessica Shaw

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Jess is the founder of PACT Creative Training (Play, Act, Create, Transform). She has 20 years' experience facilitating workshops using fun and playfulness in order to boost wellbeing and lower stress. Jess runs creative team building events for companies, Staff INSET Training in Schools and wellbeing-through-play workshops for children & young people in schools.