Great Wake Up Blog: Week #6

Here's to stuffocation - or a lack of it for a week or so...

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This week's experiment was one dealing with a major problem in the lives of millions in the modern era, and one that I'm privy to more than occasionally: spending money on unnecessary stuff.

I'm a terrible person for this, but I get an itchy 'confirm order' finger and with a disposable income, it's quite easy to fall into the traps of buying stuff to make you feel better following a bad day or adding stuff to your cart when shopping for something else. Therefore, this week was an interesting and extremely applicable challenge for me.

Mostly, it was a success - I even found myself mentally restricting my food and drink expenses when out with colleagues (we have a Caffe Nero across the road from our office and I've been known to indulge). However, I did break one day following the most recent payday, and while I did justify it to myself as necessary items (my definition of necessary is wide-ranging), it was still a little bit of a letdown to have this as one step backwards.

Overall, it was an experiment that really made me reconsider my spending habits and how and what i should actually be spending my money on, and is something I'll be considering everytime I have an online or real-life shopping trip planned...


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almost 6 years ago
From one Chris to another, keep it going! You're winning! Don't sweat the small stuff, keep using the tasks to clear your mind. Big love, C x