​Stingy, selective or simply sensible?

Week 5: Stuffocation - I won't buy anything beyond food and water.

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Watching Chris’s video about this week’s challenge I felt this funny little rebellious desire to do the exact opposite and go on a mass splurge. For you see, for me, it’s pretty normal for weeks to pass by without buying anything other than groceries, the odd coffee and paying for my travel.

I will admit I make it pretty easy for myself. I’m not really into technical gadgets, I know less than nothing about music or film and to the shame of a very fashionable and ‘ahead of the curve’ sister, I very rarely update my wardrobe, happy (most of the time) to stick with what I’ve got as it fits and looks halfway decent (at 5’11’’ with size 9 feet and shoulders that would have done justice to an NFL line-backer in full padding while rowing competitively, fitting counts for a lot!) I do, however, love books and used to buy several a week until I realised how unsustainable that really was and rapidly high-tailed it off to join the local library.

It’s not often that something catches my eye when I’m out that makes me want to spontaneously buy it… actually, scrap that… I do often want to buy things, especially when in a good quality sports store or looking at really funky and colourful kitchen equipment, but then I remember I have all the sports kit (albeit 10+ years old) I will ever need and nowhere else to put any new kitchen stuff, so it’s actually the following through with the purchase that I find hard.

Perhaps it was the way we were brought up, we did not get everything we wanted but neither were we left in need of much and so, maybe, I don’t now have a subconscious desire to go out and buy things to make up for what I couldn’t have then. It may, in part, have something to do with the ever growing disparity between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ that makes me question just how much of something I really need. Quite possibly it’s because having four sisters, I know one of them must have something that ‘will do’ for whatever it is I need. Maybe it’s really nothing more profound than the simple fact that I’m just not a shopper.

The more I think about it though, the more I realise that it’s also a very conscious choice to be this way. There are many things that I would ‘like to have’ but very few that I ‘need to have’ and if there is no need then it falls pretty fast down my list of priorities. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint, I don’t deprive myself on principal, if I really want something and can sensibly afford it, I will get it and aim to enjoy it. However, as opposed to picking up the odd piece of something here or there, I’m a lot more inclined to save my money, time and energy for the rarer big thing, such as trying to convince my husband of the necessity of a big summer holiday abroad with the rest of my family this year.



I currently live in London but having been born in Canada, lived in Nigeria until my early teens and schooled in Scotland, if you ask me where I am from, I will struggle for a quick answer. I am an excellent self-saboteur and use humour and a practiced laissez-faire attitude as a shield to having to address difficult situations properly. The ‘Great Wake Up’ is me, finally trying to step clear of my overdeveloped protective mechanisms, and to start to interact as closely and honestly to life around me and enjoy myself whilst doing so.


Go to the profile of Vanessa
over 5 years ago
Vicki, you are where I aim to be :-)
Go to the profile of Jacqueline Zivkovic
over 5 years ago
What a great post! As someone who has sold off her entire designer work wardrobe on eBay, the process of renewal has been vastly liberating. With every designer item that went out in the mail, I felt free-er. I also imposed a book buying ban and have been acquiring second hand books (approx £2 per book) at Oxfam, which I can then re-donate.
Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
over 5 years ago
It looks like you've managed to free up your mind for the week, thinking about the big stuff instead of the small. Family time is a winner! Keep it going. Big love, C x