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No extraneous purchases for 4 days- oh my, I am going to do this for so much longer! Even before the experiment was revealed I had already reached the conclusion that my spending was out of control! Buying things- clothes, charity shop pottery, books, make-up - had become a distraction. A quick fix, my shopping habit had become a way of adding some very temporary excitement into the working week.

As I have become a calmer, more self-aware and generally more content person I had already begun to sense how unsatisfying these quick fixes were. This was thrown into the spotlight when I was given a small sum of money at Christmas as a present. I ran, palms sweating in anticipation to a local clothes shops that many of the mums from this part of affluent Yorkshire frequent. I didn't even wait to try on the two tops I flung onto the counter! Instead fired up by the shopper's high I got home and ripped the labels off. It took about three days to realise I really didn't like the tops- they weren't reflective of me, they didn't fit and gave me no pleasure. I was using them to allow me to fit in with the 'mummy' crowd. What a waste- of energy, time, individuality and money. I felt the shame of an addict and felt determined to change.

Chris's experiment tapped into my new vision- a simpler life, less stuff and more confidence in my own style. The realisation dawned that you can be mindful about spending and this can be liberating, lightening, exciting. In fact as well as reining in the spending, I have been decluttering the house, my wardrobe and my attitude to purchases.

This experiment came at exactly the right time- with Spring on the horizon, it mirrors the opening up of the days and windows. I absolutely don't want to to be weighed down with 'stuff' that gives no real, long-lasting pleasure. The next time I buy anything beyond the necessary (and curl controller/ hair dye still remains a necessity- I am no saint!) it will be considered and well and truly enjoyed. Mindless purchases have just been weighing me down and I won't return to that feeling. By actively rejecting this my life feels SO much lighter, fresher, clearer. Great experiment!!


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Firmly stuck in the 'sandwich generation' category, I am 46 years old and looking to shake things up a bit! I am a teacher, which I love - but it takes over your life! A mother of three - two daughters, 16 and 15, a son aged 11. Wife to Simon for 19 years. Carer for rather eccentric mum, aged 89.


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almost 6 years ago
Oh, Jacqui, that's really hit home - those mad moments of it doesn't matter what it is, JUST BUY SOMETHING... You're so right about spring being just the right time to make a fresh start!