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The Great Wake Up! week 4 experiment

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Again (a bit of a cheat) this was something I'd already trialed over the Christmas holidays......and loved! Not only did I turn the notifications off, I turned into a tech-free zone, leaving my phone at home on more than one occassion (sometimes by accident and at other times it was a conscious decision) but the freedom from being away from technology was exhilirating. There were no time constraints and I truly felt present - playing out with my children, board games, films, cooking and baking...and with no distractions. I become tech free whilst on holiday but at home it's unheard of (until now). With so many people working from home, it's difficult to distinguish between being at work and at home, so I think that by turning off the notifications you are making a conscious effort to wind down. Not only has this been good for me, it also sets a good example for the children, to see that there is more to life than technology; that you can live a happy and fulfilled life without being surgically attached to your mobile phone and that communication can be spoken or even face-to-face (I know, it's pushing the boat out a bit now, hey?!)

I liked this experiemtn so much that I have continued it. I keep my phone on and with me during the school day in case my children are unwell (although I'm not sure this is necessary...surely they managed somehow before the invention of mobile phones) but I limit my internet usage now and only check e-mails twice a day. I no longer feel compelled to be checking whats-app or twitter every five minutes, after all if somebody needs me urgently they'll phone.

Much love and best wishes,


Rebecca Ashworth

2016 Wake Up! Champion Blogger (amoungst others)