The Great Wake Up! Week 2 experiment

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Once again I struggled with this task. Don't get me wrong, I love being outside, being at one with nature and enjoying all the world has to offer, but trialing this in the thick of winter when the spring in my step has seized up with the frost and I've hit the snooze button more times than going a round with Mike Tyson - I'm just completely unable to get motivated to get up on time, let alone with time to spare the first ten minutes of the day sitting in the calm of my garden. It would no doubt do me good if I could find the get up and go which got up and is now long gone. I love gardening or simply sitting outside, watching the world go by but I'm not a winter kind of person.

I have watched through the window whilst washing the dishes (the reason for the placement of the sink under the window when we had the kitchen done), catching a glimpse of the robin red breast who stops daily in search of succulent berries (if there are any left once my children have been out picking the juicy fruits for pies or afternoon snacks) and an occasional fieldmouse or hedgehog in the undergrowth - a single bling and it's gone. I love to watch the leaves chance colour with the seasons and come springtime when the milder weather and lighter mornings set in, I'll surely be springing out of bed and trying this again but for now I'm still hibernating as much as possible and possibly missing out terribly.

Much love and best wishes,


Rebecca Ashworth

2016 Wake Up! Champion Blogger (amoungst others)