Very late to the party, but I have arrived!

So, I was late to the Great Wake Up! joining the party of champion bloggers in January, then faced with a multitude of technical issues meaning I was unable to join the online 'party'. I have been participating in the experiments and will share my findings. Just wanted to introduce myself a bit first...

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I'm a married mum of three wonderfully independent, creative and unique children who make me laugh and smile on a daily basis, reminding me of what life's all about. We live in a modest three bed terrace which I try to maintain, adding my own creative touch where I can without upsetting the OH too much. We have a Staffordshire bull terrier, Dexter, who certainly livens up the house (as if we need any more mayhem in our clan)!

I have a portfolio career, currently splitting my time between 1-1 work as a learning mentor for young people aged between 11 and 18, and caring for terminally ill patients as a Marie Curie Night sitter. Both roles can be emotionally draining but are simultaneously hugely satisfying. Until recently I was a part-time student with the Open University, having now completed my studies with a second degree honours degree, covering modules such as counselling, psychology and end-of-life care. I often spend my spare time as a parent helper, reading with children at the primary school my children attend and I also volunteer with Macmillan by providing bereavement support on an ad hoc basis. I love being able to help people; to make a difference to others by promoting personal well-being, dreams and aspirations.

I enjoy reading, making things (food, clothes, you name it and I'll try it) and generally being creative. During the warmer months I enjoy spending time in the garden, which remains a work-in-progress but my to-do list is ever increasing due to the demands of life and the sheer busy-ness of the children (I swear they have better social lives than I do!). I love listening to music (the louder and faster the beat, the quicker the housework gets done) I like trying new things. Last year I went rally driving and attended my first festival. I truly believe that life is for living, and not only do I encourage and support my children, I am also leading by example. We learn together, experiencing new things and travelling to new places as a family. My husband and I enjoy spending time together and try to fit 'date nights' in (for want of a better phrase) as we find that our family is happiest when we're happy (it just makes sense).

So I can now add 'Champion Blogger' for the Great Wake Up! to my repertoire of skills (or at least to the list of things I do) and I've finally managed to get up and running. During 2016 I'm going to embrace the opportunity I've been given, put my all into the experiments and update you weekly on my findings. Thanks for having me, and I hope you enjoy the journey.

Best wishes,


Rebecca Ashworth

2016 Wake Up! Champion Blogger (amoungst others)


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over 5 years ago
Welcome Rebecca, Better late than never. your life sounds wonderfully chaotic. Enjoy the The Great Wake Up Journey xx