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Its hard to believe we are nearly one month into 2016. By now we know which New years resolutions will survive and those we were only humouring ourselves with. This year I didn’t make the usual military list and instead committed to giving those things I already do more attention and energy. I also signed up to The Great Wake Up challenge which brings with it a series of surprise mini resolutions! As individuals our plans to improve, change or start anew are different but we all have the same intangible goal - happiness! So how is my search going? I have started my first ever blog, made new connections and most importantly made a promise to myself to UP my happiness and celebrate life, so Id say not a bad start to the year!

I tell friends and family what I love about them all the time but sometimes Im concerned by their reactions. They can look at me suspiciously, be incredibly embarrassed or worry that something is ‘going on’ with me. I can only understand these reactions due to my own inability to embrace and accept complements or sentiment. Human beings have such complex emotions surrounding love and worth that its easy to see the beauty in others but rarely ourselves. I have a wonderful friend who says that people deserve to feel amazing and never holds back on complementing them when she sees fit. Her ability to make people feel good with simple truths reflects back on her own beauty. If I become better on the receiving end then maybe my devotes of love will have more impact and authenticity?

Fresh Air. The idea of spending the first ten minutes of your morning outside calls for a certain prop surely - a cigarette or a dog to walk? Having neither of those things in my life I I could always go for a run or put the rubbish out, finding it hard to do anything without a significant reason. I don’t have a garden and would like to save the neighbours (and my dignity) from seeing me in my pyjamas so perhaps I could stick my head out of the window instead. It is something I am very keen to try as I know the first breathe of fresh air I receive in a day makes me question why I waited so long to go outside. By reading the other bloggers content I get the feeling that it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you take the time to breathe and don’t forget to smile.

Cooking from scratch give me the ‘excuse’ or motivation for a better word to change something that had so long frustrated me. It encouraged me to challenge myself and have fun whilst doing so. Mistakes happen, things go wrong but sure don’t they make the best stories? You will be finding me in the kitchen more often from now on.

Turning off my notifications has made me reevaluate my methods of communication. There is no right or wrong way to connect but its important to utilize your tools in a way that does just that - connect! I have often felt frustrated by some of my friends choice of communication but if that works for them then so be it! There is nothing stopping me from writing a letter or picking up the phone if thats what I want to do. Aside from this I have changed two physicality's. My phone now sits further away from me when I am focusing on something, often with music streaming out of it (thank you Spotify) and is something I will continue to do. I have also changed the ‘ping‘ notification noise because it was evoking irritation, guilt and desperation - a certain clockwork Orange effect. Who knew something so simple could cause so much consideration!

The Great Wake Up challenge has been a little ray of light in an otherwise bleak January. I would recommend anyone and everyone to try some of the experiments. So far I have felt no negative effects. Yes it highlights my weaknesses, yes it highlights my anxieties but by being honest with myself(and the world wide web) Im hoping to turn the negatives to positives and rid myself of any useless feelings. Above all that shaking things up is just a bit of fun, something we all need a lot more of in our lives.

Sarah-Kate Goodwin

A Great Wake Up Champion!. A Chronically indecisive worrier. A Painfully forgetful dreamer. A self deprecating over thinker and a rather untidy perfectionist, but with all the luck of The Irish and A Champion all the same!


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over 5 years ago
Can't understand why more people don bbq all year round, just like me. Nothing beats being outside, in the cool invigorating air, with the enticing scent of the grill and Neil Young playing his greatest hits. The best things in life are not the most expensive but they are priceless. Gee, it's great to be alive!