Week 4 - Turning off all Digital Notifications


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The challenge or experiment this week was to turn off all notifications on my phone and to only check it when I decide I want to. I won't lie, I am addicted to my phone! Addicted! My son, my family, my friends all know this about me and embrace it as one of my flaws. But since the new year I have tried to make a change anyway! I have deleted Instagram and maybe go on facebook once or twice a week (actually on internet explorer - not the app!) to check my notifications (true story), email notifications are already switched off and my messages notifications seem to have stopped working anyway! I have even decided to get an old fashioned alarm clock (you know the one with a bell? That's super loud? And gives you a heart attack as soon as you wake up? Yes that one) so I do not have my phone in my room especially at night.

As you can see I am making my own slow gradual progress on trying to detach from the digital age and to see the world and my surroundings through my own eyes and without having the need to post everything on social media sites. False happiness is often too common and the make believe life of someone else makes us (or me) a little envious or jealous and wondering why I can't strive for that perfection or what other people have. The social media side of things is going well and surprisingly I haven't missed it and I am used to it now.

However I have still struggled with this experiment! I use my personal phone for work and so I always have it around me (Monday - Friday 9 - 5 and that is it!) and I am applying for jobs so I'm constantly checking my emails! If I have to be really honest - I didn't even switch off my notifications! I know I know - that was the whole point of the experiment! But I couldn't do it...and in my defence there wasn't really much notifications to switch off so it's not that bad....

I am using my phone less and less actually (partly because it's a bit of a banger and is slowly dying) but it is an important part of daily life. It's the way we communicate with everyone whether it's via text, calling or emailing and I like seeing a notification when a loved one texts me or calls me! When it's for work I do begrudge it But generally my phone is quite sentimental and so it's like anything you get attached to, it's hard to let go or to put restrictions in place!

Not really sure the point I'm trying to make or how to conclude! In short I am placing my own restrictions on my use of digital equipment's and that in itself requires taking control.

Nadya Ramdany

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I am a 30 year old mother to a beautiful, wonderful, quirky 10 year old boy called Akhil. You will hear me mentioning him a lot as he is just brilliant and brings the sunshine in my life! I like finding ways to enhance and grow my emotional health. I also like cake and sweet things. My love handles tell the world so! I like positive energy and anything that will make me laugh. I like bright colours and pretty, glittery things! I am also Columbo's biggest fan and have the boxset. I am pretty cool despite that. I also try and keep a daily journal of all the things I am grateful for. I prefer to see the brighter side of life and I'm an eternal optimist. I live in my own bubble a lot of the time!


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over 5 years ago
Great idea to remove your phone from your room at night and use a traditional alarm clock. :)