What's your laughter and inclusive culture at work?

Laughter is medicin for the soul and the body! How often do you laugh? Not enough?

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Most of us know that laughter is good for us. it makes us feel happy, elated and it creates a bond with the person we laugh with. Not at…

What is the laughter culture like at your work? Is it OK to laugh whilst in the office or do you get ‘looks’?

After talking to a few office workers and reading reports, it seems that the latter is more common. If you are busy laughing, you are not working and being productive.

This is not true. Research and experience shows that laughter helps creativity and productivity. Laughter helps the brain to relax and enjoy the moment which in turn helps a person to feel better and stronger to carry on with their less funny tasks.

How many times have you heard couples say ‘we don’t laugh together anymore! or not enough’?

Humour can save relationships when used appropriately. Sarcasm can also work but there is a fine line of being offensive rather than funny so be aware.

Some companies are aware of the use of humour and have acted on it by creating an environment where it’s allowed. There might be an area with games, a table tennis table and a humour board. What do you enjoy?


Socialising is another important part of work life. In Sweden, FIKA is a big part of life at both work and privately.

Fika means; coffee and a sweet treat. In a lot of workplaces, people are allocated a day to provide the sweet treats or bread buns and cheese or pate for example. All staff has a fika break twice a day, usually around 10am and 3pm where they sit down for 10-15 min and chat. It creates belonging, familiarity, escape and a chance to get to know your work colleagues. After work is not for everyone, in particular parents who have to pick kids up, so fika provides this time for everyone to have an opportunity to socialise.

Even if it’s just one day a week that you manage to get everyone to sit down together, it’s better than not at all.

It improves mental heath and emotional awareness so what’s not to like?? I love it!!


What can your company do? Is it a fun place to work? Does it need a change?

We’d love to know!

Ase Greenacre

Founder & facilitator , MRT Consultants

We help people in the workplace to become aware of their own impact and choices in their lives. What do we need to do to help ourselves and others to be in better place emotionally? How do we look after our mental health? Mental health and emotional wellbeing is top of the agenda and this is what we work with. The effect in our personal and professional lives is immense.