The desire to be seen

but remain invisible to the world

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Oh what it would be like to be truly seen, to be seen for your truth, for your love, for your heart. To be seen for your value, for your beliefs, for your passion, for your innocence, for you. 

Each of us longs to be seen, but many of us long to be invisible in the world.

Social media drives a crazy addiction of likes and hearts, of interaction - the craving within all of us to be seen, yet social media itself is faceless, distant, people speak in words they would never usher from their lips, they can be cruel, instead of kind and it makes the sensitive of us wish to remain invisible.

Yet we don't.

We can walk into a crowded room and hope to fade into the background, but for that person who will look at you. Not the cursory glance, not the "checking you out". No, the person who truly looks at you.

We may only experience one or two people in our lifetime who do this, the ones who see past our mask in an instant, who look deep into your eyes, deep into your soul. These are the people that without even knowing them you want to open up your heart and share your world. It doesn't have to be in a romantic sense, it can just be. 

That deep connection, that wanting to delve into their world and talk and share and wonder together at life, the universe and everything. That person who will make you smile and listen. 


When did we last truly listen to the person we were talking to? When did we put down our phones, our laptops, our books, switch off the TV, or stop and look them in the eye and listen?

Listening like handwriting is becoming a lost art and with it the need to be seen can be profound. The need for someone to listen to you, to your rhythm, to your tears, to your smiles. The need for someone to look at you like a living human sentient being, not an object, not for how you dress, not how you do your hair, not how you interact with the world.

Someone who will see the blazing light emanating from you and does not step back in fear, or envy, or disgust, but steps forward, intrigued, wanting, knowing, seeing into your soul.

How often do we come across a person and worry. Why do they look at me so intently, how can they gaze straight into my heart? We assume there is something wrong with us, snot hanging off our nose, food around our mouths. Because when we are truly seen it can sometimes be hard to comprehend. Because we long to fade into the background, to be the quiet one, to be good, to behave. Surely, wanting to be seen even just by one person is egotistical, narcissistic, or sluty? 

It is not.

 As human beings, however much we love our own company and like being on our own, or we like being surrounded by people, and being with crowds, being seen is what makes us feel like we belong. Even if it's being seen by a tribe of like-minded people, or as part of a tribe. It gives us a sense of belonging. 

But that one person that really sees you can lift you to a place you have never been before. They can help you to shine your witch light brightly in a way that guides and doesn't glare.

They can make you realise that being seen for your truth, is a gift and a blessing and help you negate other peoples perceptions. 

It is hard, but you have to let the heart flap its wings like the dragon released from its cage. You need to breathe out your flame, fill your heart, your head and your soul with love, laughter and light and this person will see it. They will not envy you, they will look at you in a way that makes your heart skip a beat, yet sometimes and often this will be a romantic encounter. It will be a love that is different. Like a crush but deeper. A connection on a level that makes you feel like they can see inside your mind, and you are happy, you feel connected, you feel loved and most of all your feel safe being seen.

For many of us we are brought up to be unseen. Be quiet, be nice, be good, behave. We fear being seen, because being seen means trouble.

Let go of your fears and look for that person who looks into you, not the ones looking at you. Find your connection, release your fear and be free.


Bright Blessing


The Magical Mojo Coach

Haulwen Nicholas

Life Coaching with a hint of witchery, The Magical Mojo Coach (Haulwen Ltd)

I reconnect people with wonder, magic and learning so that together we can heal the world. That way we can begin a journey of reconnection with the inner wise woman, only then can you create the life of your dreams. I am a fully qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach, Myers Briggs, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy TM practitioner. I run the Magical Mojo Academy an online community and platform for group coaching for individuals who want to take control of their own journal of re-discovery, self-care and self-development for an affordable monthly membership free. I also run a free community The Mojo Coaching Club to give monthly free hints and tips for women wanting to change their lives.