Third one in - New Year

2016's first Happiness Club

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Saturday 16th January saw TLC’s third Happiness Club and the attendance of 3 returning members.

Originally TLC’s third club was scheduled to be held in December, but was, unfortunately, cancelled. This worked out well timed in the end because Action for Happiness’s 3rd Key to happiness is Exercise; I therefore decided that we would discuss not only exercise but how we plan to look after ourselves in the year ahead and importantly how will we make ourselves happier, falling into place with any New Year resolutions that my members may have made.

The group first wrote down individually their plans for the year ahead before sharing with the rest of the off us. The discussion went well, everyone spoke positively about the things that they had written and there was a real vibe that everyone fully intended to be happier and fitter in 2016.

There were similar goals from all in that each of us want to achieve more fitness, in different ways and with a different end goal, one member is intending to take part in Javelin competitions, something they haven’t done for a while due to health reasons, others plan to take up jogging, one with the intention of taking part in a park run/achieving better times, everyone stated that they would also try and eat a little bit more healthily. We all want to be happier, but there are different things we will do in order to achieve it. I handed out the ‘Great Dream’ postcards that I had recently received from Action for Happiness and we looked at the key points and how we could use them to be happier, these too would make the content of future happiness clubs. The group were encouraging and really listened to each other, sharing their hopes for the year ahead. Realising that we are not alone in our ambitions can be reassuring and we can take advice and experience from one another. We also discussed whether were trying to achieve happiness by doing things that make us happy or whether we were doing things for other people? Although we all agree that other people’s happiness can be beneficial to our own, there is no harm in being a little selfish in our happiness from time to time, and after all if we are not happy in ourselves, inside and out then how can we hope for our happiness to influence others? And isn’t this the objective of the happiness club? I asked myself this week whether I was being too ambitious opening up my clubs to the public? To people I didn’t know? I didn't think so, however members are not committing as I would have liked, except for loyal Amy whom over the last couple of months has become a good friend, and this time around my mum and dad returned. Seeing my parents from this light interesting and curious, what child, of any age, doesn’t want happy parents?! So whether 1 or 10 people turn up, I hope that the outcome will be the same, that someone goes away knowing how to be a little bit happier.

Katie Epton

Life Coach , Esther Esteem ~ previously TLC The Life Coach

Life Coach in Lincolnshire