Week 3 - Cooking with love

This week's challenge was to cook everything from scratch! Piece of cake. Mmmmmmm Cake!

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So I think I'm a week behind most bloggers. I am on week 3 - cooking everything from scratch. I really did try to do this challenge last week but in my defensive I was a little (or a lot) heartbroken, due on and my mother came to stay for a few days (and she is a feeder). I think I was still in over indulgence holiday mode. I won't lie - bad food was my friend. Bad food as in cakes, chocolate, cakes, carbs, cakes, crisps and did I mention chocolate?!

To be honest I had been eating like this for a few months and so I haven't really been nurturing my physical or mental health as good food plays such an important part to how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside. I have put on between 7 -10lbs since the summer, my skin was spotty and greasy and my energy levels were low and I was always tired. (I hope I don't look as bad as that sounds..) I wasn't exercising and have been fuelling my body with indulgent food. I'm a chef and so I cook everything from scratch but it was what I was cooking that was the problem.

So this week I have been determined to start good habits again. I have been in the right frame of mind and I am dedicated to nurturing myself. I have exercised five days out of four so far and have fuelled my body with lots of vegetables and fruits and protein. I have cut down on my carbs and no diet fizzy drinks. My confidence has dropped with my cooking and so this exercise has been fun and a reminder to my strengths in the kitchen and my imagination. This exercise isn't hard. It's actually very easy if you're prepared. I always make enough dinner for left overs for lunch. I have also used my slow cooker a couple of times and so the urge to snack is minimal.

In short, I feel great! I have more energy and feel more productive. I'm less bloated and feel lighter. I'm also more conscious as to what Akhil eats and how much fruit, veg and salad I can put into his daily diet. I haven't felt deprived, far from it. Mostly actually, I feel in control. Because I am choosing to fuel my body with good nutritious food I am taking control of how I want to feel and determined to feel on a daily basis. This is a strong message to your mind I think - to make the decision to look after yourself and to take the time , effort , love and confidence to do that. As a result, I have become a little bit rebellious and more sure of myself and my decisions! I have realised I don't have to wash up after dinner if I don't want to... (although it is nice to wake up and it's done), I can wear bright red, bright blue and bright yellow together (everybody loves a rainbow), I don't have to pluck my eyebrows if I don't want to (monobrows are in aren't they?). You get the picture.

It was a simple exercise but it has given me a lot of results. This is a habit I am determined to carry on. I am 31 in a few weeks and so I want to feel amazingly fabulous! And if I feel it, I will look it. Without the monobrow though.


Ps. Psychologies you should have emojicons for your bloggers to use!

Nadya Ramdany

Pastry Chef

I am a 30 year old mother to a beautiful, wonderful, quirky 10 year old boy called Akhil. You will hear me mentioning him a lot as he is just brilliant and brings the sunshine in my life! I like finding ways to enhance and grow my emotional health. I also like cake and sweet things. My love handles tell the world so! I like positive energy and anything that will make me laugh. I like bright colours and pretty, glittery things! I am also Columbo's biggest fan and have the boxset. I am pretty cool despite that. I also try and keep a daily journal of all the things I am grateful for. I prefer to see the brighter side of life and I'm an eternal optimist. I live in my own bubble a lot of the time!


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chuffed that this one worked well for you!