Waltzing to my own tune

it's OK to be you.

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Each of us is unique, yet so very much alike. That contradiction is what we need to balance out our societal need for perfection.

Each of us dances to our own tune. You may waltz to reggae, or salsa to Beethoven, you may sing out of key, and trip over your own two feet - all of this is OK, as long as we laugh at our own imperfections.

Often when we waltz or dance to our own tune, we are frowned upon for not conforming. Because that is often what people don't like in others.

They don't like the fact that other people do not conform to their own values and beliefs. If they say something to you, it is their own perception and often a jibe made at you is actually being made at their own reflection.

Many of us do not allow ourselves to dance to our own tune, conditioned from an early age to "behave" in a certain way. Yet when we truly dance, truly sing and spin around to our hearts delight, we burst open with joy and can see so much more wonder, so much more magic and so much more life.

Each of us will dance in our own way, doing our own thing and will find others who dance in a similar yet still unique way to you. 

We can be part of one of our many tribes, and be an individual. 

We can love thousands of people and fall in love with only a handful. 

We can marvel at the world and both love and hate what we see.

But most of all we must dance, we must waltz, we must sing and we must allow ourselves our own internal flight, because when we do this, we experience the freedom we cherish. We experience the intimate connections of the world around us.

And we breathe again.

Bright Blessings


Haulwen Nicholas

Life Coaching with a hint of witchery, The Magical Mojo Coach (Haulwen Ltd)

I reconnect people with wonder, magic and learning so that together we can heal the world. That way we can begin a journey of reconnection with the inner wise woman, only then can you create the life of your dreams. I am a fully qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach, Myers Briggs, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy TM practitioner. I run the Magical Mojo Academy an online community and platform for group coaching for individuals who want to take control of their own journal of re-discovery, self-care and self-development for an affordable monthly membership free. I also run a free community The Mojo Coaching Club to give monthly free hints and tips for women wanting to change their lives.