Eureka... I've figured it out, it's all about the smile.

Challenge 2 - I will spend the first 10 minutes of every day outside.

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I think I have been taking myself a wee bit too seriously over the last few days. Despite, perhaps not being very open to myself about it, I am very outcome driven and yet I’m generally unable to appreciate or enjoy the rewards when I do achieve them. So with this 10 minute challenge, instead of just going outside and enjoying the time alone, I somehow managed to unconsciously imbue it with a great weight of expectation for… I don’t really know what… but something that was… notable, worthy, measurable?

So anyway, there I was, a few minutes into my final attempt, standing, staring, waiting for something to happen when I remembered Chris’s words from the video… SMILE. Feeling a bit silly and not expecting much, I smiled… Eureka!

From feeling a bit morose, I suddenly felt lighter. From thinking how inconsequential we are in the grand scheme of things, I acknowledged how one small change on our part can affect others and continue to ripple outwards. The simple act of smiling reinforced in me that there are two ways of looking at things and the choice of how we chose to respond and move forward is ours.

I don’t think I’ll be doing anymore early mornings outside for the moment but what I will do is take a few minutes when I wake up just to smile.

So smile.. a simple but powerful thing.



I currently live in London but having been born in Canada, lived in Nigeria until my early teens and schooled in Scotland, if you ask me where I am from, I will struggle for a quick answer. I am an excellent self-saboteur and use humour and a practiced laissez-faire attitude as a shield to having to address difficult situations properly. The ‘Great Wake Up’ is me, finally trying to step clear of my overdeveloped protective mechanisms, and to start to interact as closely and honestly to life around me and enjoy myself whilst doing so.


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almost 6 years ago
Thanks Vicki.
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almost 6 years ago
it is so about the smile! we should be having fun and enjoying these and not seeing them as another job to do. Great insight. keep smiling!!