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Will spending the first 10 minutes of the waking day outside enhance your life?

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Back in the summer, I used to do this exercise daily and it was a lovely way to start the day. I took my gratitude journal outside with a cup of tea and sat in the beautiful sunshine on my terrace. I remember for that period, I was happy, it set me up for the day and everything was going well. The practice was therapeutic and enjoyable. I was feeling very grateful because wonderful things had happened and were happening. When my job started to become more stressful and less enjoyable, and the mornings started getting colder, wetter and darker I fell out of this habit. And things weren't going so well as they had been.

This week has been a particularly tough week, I have let go of someone super special to me (and the history that goes with this person) and so I feel like I am in robot mode. Functioning just to get through the days until I start to feel a bit more human. I did the exercise as I did before. I took my gratitude journal outside and wrote what I was grateful for. Once I was outside and the fresh air hit me, it felt nice and I took in my surroundings. Writing what I was grateful for was a task though and didn't feel enjoyable. But I think that is just the frame of mind I am in and so the experiment wasn't as pleasant as it had once been in the summer.

Spending the first ten minutes of the day outside was refreshing and I am going to try and carry it on because I do know and reaped the benefits of it previously and I truly believe it does enhance your daily life. When I took in my surroundings, I felt that there was bigger things out there to pursue so this practice helped me focus my energy on my goals and what I want. It was the small part of the day when I didn't dwell on what I had let go of or was missing but what I wanted to focus on and pursue. So that in itself is a positive thing to start the day with and to see the new year of 2016 with.


Nadya Ramdany

Pastry Chef

I am a 30 year old mother to a beautiful, wonderful, quirky 10 year old boy called Akhil. You will hear me mentioning him a lot as he is just brilliant and brings the sunshine in my life! I like finding ways to enhance and grow my emotional health. I also like cake and sweet things. My love handles tell the world so! I like positive energy and anything that will make me laugh. I like bright colours and pretty, glittery things! I am also Columbo's biggest fan and have the boxset. I am pretty cool despite that. I also try and keep a daily journal of all the things I am grateful for. I prefer to see the brighter side of life and I'm an eternal optimist. I live in my own bubble a lot of the time!


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about 6 years ago
Sounds like an emotional time. Good to literally and metaphorically step outside of our worlds little!
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about 6 years ago
Good to hear how seeing the whole universe out there grounds us and helps us let go. Great start for 2016. Big love Chris xx