Success 2019: 5 ways to be Bang for no Buck.

With everyone sitting on the fence and no idea what is coming next it feels incongruous to be planning major power moves. If your stars are aligned and you’re feeling it in your blood, kick some butt: I’m thinking big hair, big shoulder pads, big confidence - Working Girl style. However, if all this insecurity around the future of this country, nay, the world, is leaving you depleted don’t sling yourselves into the pit of despair just yet. Here are some moves that may not be deeply sexy but will have you purring with self-appreciation by the end of the year.

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Get ahead on the planning. 

This may seem obvious but if you know there are events you have to be at this year, book your tickets, car, hotel NOW. Put dates in the calendar for regular get-togethers with friends. Buy tickets to cultural events. Make sure all your appointments are set. Planning can easily drop to the bottom of the to-do list as we feel that our own wellbeing and health comes after all our other responsibilities. If you find this happening set yourself one day a month solely for planning purposes: researching, inviting, booking.  Seeing all those dates in your diary rather than clogging up precious head space will make you feel structured, organised, busy AND popular. 

Get on top of your finances. 

This is a good a year as any to sort this shit out. For many of us, money feels like something that is constantly running through our fingers with us giving chase. I will give some more tips on how to reign in spending next week, but meanwhile, let’s look at the bigger picture. This is the year to look at your relationship to money. Counting your pennies is all hunky-dory but if you have a fundamental belief that money is scarce, that you do not deserve to have money or even see money as a necessary evil, well, it ain’t comin’ to ya! Sticking your head in the sand in the hope that your bills will magically disappear is about as mature as playing peek-a-boo with a three year old. Be brave and take charge! Know what you spent last year; know your annual expenditures and their costs; know your debts and plan how to pay them off. Make a budget for the year. Plan for the long term. The prospect might make your stomach turn but you will feel much more Boss knowing where you are at.

Give everything you own a home. 

I know the idea of living clutter free with just a mattress on a waxed wood floor and monochrome capsule wardrobe of no more than 9 pieces is all the rage. Most realities are much more chaotic, colourful and, well, comfortable. However, do have a method to your madness and remember to share this method with the other people living in your house. Nothing dampens the power-bitch more than a last minute panic trying to find your keys/phone/wallet before heading out the door late, stressed and sweaty. It might also put your relationships on a better footing if the people in your life don’t need to embark on a round of Cluedo to find your bottle opener/dishwasher tablets/sense of humour. 

Get hands on

One of the debilitating side effects of being on the computer all day and probably all night is that we are using only a minimum of our brainpower. Furthermore, all our actions seem to be associated with the goals of achievement and progress. What's happened to the 'just because'? In childhood, we drew pictures just because we liked the colours. We hung upside down just because it felt funny. We chased each other around a field just because it was exhilarating. So just because you can, and without the pressure of world domination on your shoulders, start a creative project and stick with it. Learn to play an instrument. Use your hands. Champion your dexterity. Your body and mind will work together in a different way and, if nothing else, your life will feel more well-rounded. 


And finally for a bit of ancient, but much forgotten, wisdom: find a way to be of service, particularly to strangers. Whether you regularly help an elderly person do their shopping, gather clothes for refugees, help in a soup kitchen or raise money for a charity. Share your skills and knowledge for free as much as you can afford. Be kind, open, forgiving and helpful. For all the bad stuff, we are also lucky in so many ways - pay it forward and I guarantee it will make you appreciate how successful you already are at this old game called life. 

(Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash)

Isabelle Winkler

Founding Partner, West Lexham Holistic Hub

My life-long inquiry into the nature of the universe was inspired by my parents who started teaching me about useful tools to navigate the landscape of life from a young age. My awe of both the machine and mystery of the human mind lead to a Masters in Philosophy and Psychology and continued personal study of comparative religion; a committed self-help junkie phase; a world-wide quest amongst indigenous cultures and current obsession with the meeting of science and spirituality. There is no easy win, one-fits-all map of this journey (sadly) but I do know the terrain, can read the road signs and have a head torch. So if you’d like some hand holding to start digging a little deeper, I’m here to help. The bigger picture though is to pass on to you the tried and tested tools to meet your own yellow brick road with a confident hop, skip and a jump. MA Psych&Philosophy; CTI trained coach; Vortex Energy Healer