Week1 - Share The Love

I will tell one person per day what I love about them

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My first weekly wake up call, and I hope they get easier! Perhaps its my repressed, English nature but this experiment took a lot more effort than I first thought when I watched Chris' video. I have to admit, I probably find it harder than I should to express my love as often as I should (maybe that's why this is the first experiment....to really get down deep to the nuts & bolts of what 'life' is all about).

If the experiment had been to tell one person per day that I love them it would have been a walk in the park, but telling people WHAT you love about them just takes it to another level; a level that's maybe a bit "taboo" and "touchy feely" for my recipients (or so I thought!)

I decided to share the love in 4 different ways, as much to get out of saying this stuff face to face as anything else! I sent a sentimental (i.e. very out of character) text to my good friend Mikey and shared a Facebook post on my sister's wall explaining what I loved about her. I wrote an A5 page of romance to JP and finally plucked up the courage to share the love in the best possible way by telling my lovely Nanna everything I love about her face to face.

The responses were unexpected and wonderful. Mikey sent me back a gorgeous text and I treasure that conversation and the deeper level of friendship that I've opened. My sister "liked" my post on Facebook and that was that; in contrast, JP cried at the A5 page of love I'd scrawled and I started one of the most interesting, eye opening conversations I've ever had with my Nanna.

The reactions to expressions of love were surprising and its a sad truth that not everyone is ready to receive the love I was trying hard to give. Thinking of at least 3 amazing attributes or reasons I loved someone was a really interesting, if difficult, task but by taking the time to do so I really feel that I have a greater appreciation of those wonderful people that I used to take for granted.

Dee x


Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
about 6 years ago
Amazing Dee! Well done and I agree this experiment is tougher than it seems. So good to really connect with the folk in our lives. Bravo! C x
Go to the profile of Jenny Hume
about 6 years ago
I love this xxx