Why i want to wake up in 2016!

I'm a WakeUp! blogger!

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"Why I want to wake up in 2016!" - that was the subject line of the email I pinged off into cyberspace back in November after seeing an intriguing page in the January edition of Psychologies magazine. The words "adventure, joy & curiosity" jumped off the page and stirred something within me. Reading Chris Barez-Brown's description of spending days in a "waking sleep, on autopilot" really resonated with me and in a rare moment of self-confidence, I thought "why the heck not!" and applied to be a Wake Up champion.

My life is really good (bold opening, I know!); I try to be a grateful, positive person whenever I can & my Kindle library is testament to my ongoing quest for purpose, happiness and a good life in this crazy world. But what is a GOOD LIFE? Comfortable, predictable, safe? I’m a 31 year old female living with my partner, working full time for a Fortune 500 company in the City. Whilst I'm blessed with gainful employment that I enjoy, a fantastic relationship, loving family and a safe, warm home in a vibrant city, its unfortunately true that a lot of my hobbies have fallen by the wayside recently and I can't remember the last time I didn't feel tired. I definitely feel “stuck in a rut” at the moment and am ready to take responsibility for creating my own happiness.

Nowadays, its socially acceptable to have a Netflix binge, slumped on the sofa all weekend - 15 episodes of the latest US drama beamed directly to your living room, barely stopping to shower (or answer the door to the takeaway delivery driver!). We feel we've earned this 'down-time', because we've commuted and worked and cooked and cleaned and hit deadlines all week.

Living vicariously through our favourite characters on screen sure FEELS exciting, but I want to be an active participant in my own life, not watching from the sidelines. Structured weekly experiments sounded like a very welcome addition to my life, so join me on my year-long experiment to break my routines and Wake Up in 2016! I'm really looking forward to reading the other bloggers' experiences and hearing from you in the comments too :)

Dee x