Telling someone what you love about them when they are far away from you in miles but always close to your heart

Day four of telling someone what you love about them

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I had shared the love with my wife, her best friend and a work colleague and now it was time to share the love with the person who helped give me life in the first place; my mum.

Unfortunately my mum doesn’t live near me. I live in Worcestershire close to the Herefordshire border and she lives in Merseyside. She also has a lot going on in her life at the moment as she cares for her own mum, my Nan (one the kindest souls I’ve ever had the good grace to know). It was impossible to tell her face to face and because I phone her every week calling her again just didn’t seem right. So I did it via e-mail. It might not have been personal to her face, it couldn’t be, but it would be heartfelt nevertheless.

I call my mum every week to ask her what’s going on in her life and a life in a place I once shared and still care about. I moved away from Merseyside nearly eleven years ago and there was a time I wouldn’t call my mum unless something of interest had occurred but about seven or eight years ago after we hadn’t spoke for a few months my dad asked me to call her every week just to say hello. At the time I felt my dad must have somehow felt my mum was missing her son who now lived in Somerset. I didn’t understand calling someone when you haven’t really got anything to say but sometimes in life you do things not for your own benefit but for others. You give a bit and take a bit. The thing is the weekly call, in my opinion, has brought us closer because we acknowledge the importance of staying in touch and hearing what lives we are both living.

Anyway this is the e-mail I sent her.

Mum, I’m sending you this e-mail to tell you a few things you may well have forgotten as all your energy at this time is rightly caring for my Nan. You may not know what I’m about to say. You might be well aware of it but I’m going to tell you anyway.

We only get one mum in this life and I’m glad I got you. You have installed in me a moral compass that is true. You struggled in the hard times to give me everything I needed and you succeeded too. Our home was always a caring one and you were the head of that home. I love the way you have always supported me and continue to do so. I think you are a fabulous person with a great heart.

I see you more than just my mum. I see you as a very strong woman, a great person, a loyal person and one of my closest friends. You have been a friend who I can open up my heart to and a friend who is always there for me, a friend who always listens and offers advice when needed. You have been a friend who has seen me through the good times and helped me through the bad times in my life. You really are a fantastic friend and I’m filled with pride knowing that you are my mum. I love you.

Furthermore, for my Nan you are the greatest daughter a mother could have. In short you are just fantastic and we feel your love always. And that’s what I’m trying to do through this e-mail, send you some love back because everybody needs to know they are loved and I love you with every fibre in my body. If you ever need me, like I need you sometimes, I will promise to be there for you always.

Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are.

Your ever so grateful son


After sending the e-mail I felt like I had cast a great net into the ocean of emotions. It was now out there for all to see and I was happy that I’d cast it. Knowing my mum she wouldn’t read the e-mail for a day or two because e-mails aren’t her priority at the moment. When she does read it I know I can only hope that every single word hits home and she feels eternally truly loved.

This e-mail concluded my first week in the Great Wake Up and I had to ask myself how did feel? I could only visualise a thick heavy castle door trying to be opened with all my strength and a shard of golden light splintering through the grey. The door was very heavy and yet I was surprised how much I’d moved it. These were exciting times.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
almost 6 years ago
Wow Mark, what a great e mail and am so glad showing appreciation opened up your world. Exciting times indeed! Chris xx
Go to the profile of Fiona Dolben
almost 6 years ago
That brought tears to me eyes... good email. As a mum I'd be floored to get an email like that but in a good way !