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Well this is my first blog! Eek! Well isn't this exciting!

I am so thankful to be one of the bloggers for The Great Wake Up Challenge! Double eek! I am excited to see how the experiments will impact my life.

I am 30 years old and a mother to a super lovely 10 year old boy called Akhil. Without sounding cocky (that sounds cocky already), I am quite good at making big things happen in my life (within certain areas). I had four goals this year and I am fortunate to have completed them all. The first one was to go to Rio, Brazil for my 30th birthday! My birthday falls on the carnival period every year and for as long as I can remember it had been my dream. I did it! I really really did it - I saved enough money to send me and my child on a holiday of a lifetime and it was the most spectacular holiday. I saw in my birthday in the Sambadrome! My profile picture is taken on the day of my 30th.

My second goal was to get a first in my Culinary Arts Degree. I changed careers when I was 26. It was a huge change. I was an auditor for a solicitors and I was bored. Bored of my life, bored of my job, bored of me I suppose. I remember making the change. It was lots of small steps to make one giant leap. First I just researched what I enjoyed doing and careers around it and then found the degree.... then I applied for uni.... and then I got accepted..... and then I resigned from my job...! It has been the most amazing past four years. I ran a cake business and worked part time too. I was living in Bristol at the time and commuted to Birmingham several times a week. But I did it, I succeeded and I got my first! I am also the first to have graduated in my family, so this is an achievement I share with my family - for my parents and my son especially.

My third goal was to relocate from Bristol to London after my degree. I now live in North London! This really just fell into place and I am truly grateful because I could not have ever imagined living in quite such a beautiful home, in a beautiful street, in a beautiful and safe area. Akhil had some conditions about our move. We could only move if he had a home with stairs and carpet and his school was non uniform! Voila! He has all three too. Akhil's school is brilliant. The school really homes in on emotional well being which is what I look for in a school. During these past few months I have seen Akhil just shine through. He feels comfortable in his own skin (which is a skill that I have yet to develop!) because he is encouraged to be just who he is - dressing how he likes, not brushing his hair, etc. He knows how awesome he is!

My fourth goal was to get a fabulous job in London which I received. But it hasn't quite worked out quite how I hoped. This is one of the areas that I've got to change. As soon as possible and is my priority at the moment. This job isn't as creative as I'd hoped it would be and I am office based which doesn't suit me. The job is stressful but boring and as a result it's not giving me the work/life balance that I want.

It's been quite a year! Fantastic things have happened and I exceeded my own expectations! But I'm not in the emotional, mental and physical state I want to be in. I suffered a personal trauma in October and it has knocked me for six! I have put on weight which isn't pleasant. I also feel lost. I've focused so long on the above goals that I didn't quite prepare myself for what I wanted next. I still don't quite know what I want next. And so I am annoyed at myself for achieving my goals but ending the year on a negative vibe. I want 2016 to be fabulous and happy. So hopefully the Great Wake Up Challenge will give me a boost to set me up on finding my direction. This Christmas holidays I will be doing my experiments, creating a vision board and working (blah!). Wish me luck!


Nadya Ramdany

Pastry Chef

I am a 30 year old mother to a beautiful, wonderful, quirky 10 year old boy called Akhil. You will hear me mentioning him a lot as he is just brilliant and brings the sunshine in my life! I like finding ways to enhance and grow my emotional health. I also like cake and sweet things. My love handles tell the world so! I like positive energy and anything that will make me laugh. I like bright colours and pretty, glittery things! I am also Columbo's biggest fan and have the boxset. I am pretty cool despite that. I also try and keep a daily journal of all the things I am grateful for. I prefer to see the brighter side of life and I'm an eternal optimist. I live in my own bubble a lot of the time!


Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
about 6 years ago
Hi Nadya, really excited to be on this journey with you...roll on 2016! Chris x
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about 6 years ago
Great to hear the inspiring story about what you've created so far. x