January do's and winter blues

Do less this January

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This January I'm doing less. As many people have discussed over the last few weeks January seems to be all about doing and I'm doing less.

I'm currently working through a course on how to be self-employed and work a 30hr week. The irony of being self-employed is I work more hours now than I did in my previous role, though I do love working in coaching, this year I want to have a life of abundance which means doing less.

January is all about self-care, self-discovery or re-discovery and personal self-development.

So I'm reading book after book on Ikigai (finding your life purpose), anti-ageing, money love, and business. I'm devouring them ravenous for learning and loving curling up in the warm taking it all in.

I'm doing chair yoga via an online platform and abundance meditation. My body is kindly telling me its needs and though this currently involves pain I am breathing into the pain and letting it go, letting it be and resting and doing things slowly as I should be at this time of year.

In previous years, when not working for myself, I'd be complaining about the job I was doing that I hated (I think I've done this for every job since I was 18!). But now I do what I love and know I am fortunate. Though I can assure you there are many things about being self-employed I find tedious! 

So this January I am being thankful and being grateful. I'm getting out in nature and I'm resting, I'm planning and it feels like this is the right thing for me to do.

Have you taken time to stop since the Christmas madness has passed? How is your self-care going? 

Often we mistake our lack of self-care for dissatisfaction in work, in love, in life, for the winter blue - yet most of the time it is our lack of time for self that is causing all of these problems.

This week I've released a 5-day Career Challenge and the simple thing is that if we focus on self-care, re-discovery and self-development, often we can find the answers here in our internal world, within our own sphere of influence rather than looking externally.

Have a relaxing week.

Bright Blessings,


The Magical Mojo Coach.

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