How’s your Balancing Act?

When push comes to shove we ALL need to restore balance during moments in our lives.

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Life is a constant balancing act, the highs and lows roll in and out like the ocean. Being aware and ok that nothing will stay the same is key to forgiving yourself in times of imbalance. Having compassion for self is not a nice-to-have it’s necessary.

So what’s your answer to finding you’re flow and balance? Hopefully not in the bottom of the gin or wine bottle. Instead, try a relaxation technique that takes only a very short amount of time to stop and slow your mind down. Here’s one I prepared for you.

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Zoe Walters

People Expert, Coach, Psychology, NLP,

People Expert, Coach Personal Development + Awareness, Meditation & Mindfilness Teaching, Life long learner, FCIPD qualified in Human Resources, NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Applied Psychology, Curious, exploratory, lover of getting sh*t done.