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Create The Life You Want

If you're stuck for a present for someone (or even one for yourself!) I would highly recommend the Psychologies 'Create The Life You Want' Journal. It's jam packed with inspirational quotes, positive affirmations, journal prompts and belief experiments. The journal helps to guide you through areas of your life that you might feel need a little working on and allows you to start recognising and focussing on the things that matter to you. I'll be using my journal to help me navigate through 2019, to support me with creating positive changes and to steer me in the direction I want to go in. 

"Whether you want to make a couple of tweaks to how you live your life or find a completely fresh way of working, living and being, our new Psychologies journal will help you create the life you really desire. You may be looking to change your job, start a new business or reinvent yourself. Whatever your quest, this journal is here to prompt you to answer life changing questions, and take action. Our Psychologies journal can help you clarify what you really want and then devise a plan to make it happen. One of our strap lines at Psychologies is 'Your life, your way'. It's about defining what success means to you, on your own terms." - Suzy Walker, Editor-In-Chief, Psychologies.

My favourite thing about the journal is that it's creative and engaging, it has pages where you are encouraged to respond to questions by drawing your answers, which I love and is a brilliant solution if you can't find the right words. There are also plenty of pages to make notes or doodles and pages full of prompts that help you to have have breakthrough realisations such as "5 ways to know a new life is calling you" "5 ways to recognise when you're living life by someone else's rules" and my personal favourite, "5 ways to know it's time to make a change".

You can order the Psychologies journal here or alternatively if you are a Psychologies magazine subscriber you can save £5 off and order here. Happy journaling! 

Alison Hammond

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