How to Create a New Vision to Help You Get The Future You Want.

Try this quick exercise to help skyrocket what you want to achieve in 2019.

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Is there something you’ve always thought about doing in life, or secretly known you’re quite good at, but managed to talk yourself into why it’s a much better idea to play it safe and carry on as you are?


And there’s nothing wrong with that! Sometimes it’s just easier to feel comfortable – and comfortable is ok. We can enjoy our lives without overcomplicating it.

But fast forward, and what if you got to the point when you were looking back on your life were you always had that niggle of regret?

That feeling where you wished you’d just put yourself out there and given it a try?

The inspiring quote from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic has resonated with so many who read it:

“Do you have the courage to bring forth (your) work? The treasures hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes”

I believe that you have treasures hidden inside you! 

The question is….do you have the courage?

It takes bravery to make the decision to push yourself out of your comfort zone. It can feel uncomfortable to show vulnerability, and it takes courage to just have a go.

But what if it was the best decision you ever made? What if you felt amazing just because you said yes and showed up! That feeling has to better that the nagging feeling of “what if?”

Here’s something you can do right now, which will help turn the “what if” to an “I’m glad I did!”


31st December 2019

Now start writing everything that comes into your head about why you’re thankful that 2019 was such a good year and what you achieved.

This is an opportunity to go for it! Make sure you capture how amazing you feel, what you did, how it made others feel, what positive things it brought emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically.

Writing down your future vision as though it has already happened is a great way for your brain to start creating those neural pathways it needs to start to make this happen.

You could go even more “out there” and actually read this out loud, or to someone you feel you can share it with.

Get that sheet of paper / open a blank word document and get writing NOW. Who knows what amazing things will happen for you in 2019?

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Becca Forshaw - Life & Mindset Coach


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