The Art of Looking Ahead - How To Cruise Through Problems

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The hubby and I were making our way across the pennines recently. The traffic was fairly heavy and there was a lot of braking going on ahead of us. 

We got chatting about the way some drivers race ahead and then hit the breaks, then race ahead and then hit the breaks and so on. It was as though they weren't thinking ahead, they weren't anticipating, they were simply rushing ahead and reacting at the last minute to circumstances they hadn't foreseen. One of the skills of driving is to learn to look a few cars ahead rather than focusing only on the one car in front. 

Today's Life Changing Thought is: Learn to anticipate 

There's something stressful about coming up against something you haven't anticipated. Your mind races, your heart pounds. You go in to fight or flight mode as your mind and body struggles to react to the new information. Everything happens at lightening speed and you're left feeling like you've been through a whirlwind.

Living and/or working like this can take it's toll.

There is another way!

One of the great things about coaching is that it helps the client to look ahead, to question possibilities, to dig for more information. In today's Life Changing Thought I'm hoping to help you see the benefits of learning to anticipate. 

Learning to anticipate is one of the greatest skills you'll develop and it'll serve you well in many areas of your life.

By learning to look ahead you'll be able to 'read' what's going on and take appropriate action in a timely manner. You'll be less likely to find yourself reacting when it's already too late. 

Learning to anticipate is about learning to be open and ready.

That's not to say that you can plan for every eventuality, but being aware of the what-ifs will make dealing with the unforeseen events a lot easier.

Another important benefit of being able to look ahead is that it changes how you feel and how you behave. As a result, you'll be more prepared and crucially, less stressed. 

Next time you find yourself racing towards your goal, or rushing to finish a project or speeding forward in to the unknown, stop and take stock of where you are. Look a few steps ahead. Ask yourself what else might be going on. Think about what else might scupper your plans. Ask yourself if there is anything you've missed. 

Learn to anticipate and respond in advance, rather than being ambushed and then reacting.

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