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3-Day Taster Trial: Life Labs Practical Wisdom 30-day ‘How to save your relationship’ online course

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Welcome to your three-day taster trial of our brand new Life Labs Practical Wisdom online course. Whether you feel trapped in an unhappy relationship, misunderstood by your partner, helpless and confused or even on the brink of breaking up, you’ve come to the right place.

In this ‘How to save your relationship’ course, you’ll learn the tools and techniques to begin to singlehandedly turn your relationship around, create an atmosphere of love again and find a renewed sense of hope for the future. You’re in safe hands.

It’s a 30-day course, but we believe it in so much that we are giving you the first three days to try FREE before you continue with the full 30 days. Start with a simple test to discover where you stand in your relationship in Day One, plus you’ll meet our wonderful relationship expert and author, Sarah Abell, who will be leading you through the course.

So make yourself a cup of tea, find a nice quiet spot, and see what the next three days have in store for you…

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Practical Wisdom is a series of brand new online courses developed by the team behind Psychologies magazine. Designed to help you to create lasting change in order to live a happier life on your terms, and lead by the top experts in their field, Practical Wisdom delivers expert coaching, tools, videos and advice to you via online courses that you can trust. Courses include - How to Save Your Relationship - How to Achieve Your Goals - How to be Mindful - Plus more courses added each month