Team, Group or Organisational Troubles?

Are you struggling with a troubled team, a gruelling group or a objectionable organisation? A helping hand is here!

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The work I do with organisations can be transformational

Culture change, leadership development and restructure are usually difficult and stressful for the people involved in deciding and executing change and for all those affected. Often, it pays to work together with a skilled and experienced external consultant. I am good at working with organisations from the point of conception through planning and putting into practice change plans that work. I am not afraid to point out the truth of a causal issue which nobody else wants to name and I always offer solutions where I see a problem. I work with organisations in a committed, communicative and transparent way. I have a long track history of complex and successful change management in private, statutory and non profit organisations.

The work I do with organisations can be affirmative of current cultural norms

I work together with organisations in ways which affirm to leaders and employees the points of culture that may be being swept aside by group think, stealth change or reversion to old ways. I will identify the pressure points and work there until the issue is resolved. I will work in carefully planned ways which build trust and harmony, moving toward everybody singing from the same spreadsheet! I am trained in Transactional Analysis for organisations which enhances my 20+ years of experience in senior leadership across several sectors and my level 7 advanced professional post grad business leadership qualification. I understand the ways in which culture is formed and changed and I am a capable and confident influencer.

The work I do with organisations can address leadership thinking, feeling and behaviour

I am an effective, impactful, confident and entertaining trainer with many years of being a senior leader to draw from. I have written and trained ILM accredited leadership programmes and I am well versed in leadership theory and best leadership practice. I work in ways that build resilience, support growth mindset and authenticity in leaders. I am a qualified Coach trained in Transactional Analysis and I always work in ways which enable and encourage an emotionally intelligent coaching approach to line management.

Get in touch with me if you want to talk through your needs and wants for your organisation

If you need an external organisational consultant with a powerful range of skills and experience, who is a Coach, trained in Transactional Analysis for organisations and for psychotherapy, who has been where you are for well over 20 years, who will work in close partnership with you and who will achieve the results you need and want for your organisation, talk to me.

Lucy Power 07725560635

Lucy Power

Leadership and Success Coach , Autonomy Development Ltd

I am a Therapeutic Success Coach working with people, groups and organisations, I am trained in Transactional Analysis for psychotherapy and organisations as well as being a Barefoot trained Coach and Lead Tutor. I am passionate about the difference TA and Coaching together can make in people's lives. TA gives me a model from which to support you to examine your thinking, feeling and behaviour toward yourself, other people and your world. Together we will hold it all up to the light of Adult scrutiny and you will decide in full awareness what serves you and what doesn't. Bringing your unconscious motivations into your awareness will help you to SUCCEED, whatever this means for you.