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Hi, I am Lucy. I am a Barefoot trained Coach and I also teach on the Post Graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching that Barefoot offer.

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I am trained in Transactional Analysis for Psychotherapy and also for organisations. I am absolutely passionate about the difference that both coaching and Transactional Analysis can make in our lives.

Transactional Analysis...what's THAT?!

It's an all encompassing approach based on a psychology of intra and interpersonal transactions. Its a way of working out what's happening for us and for other people and why. It's a way of understanding ourselves and others in ways that are observable and easy to talk about. It offers us a language which in itself is often enough to make our relationships feel better. Transactional Analysis (TA) helps us to develop personally and professionally and to invite better ways of being in those around us. TA is great for improving our relationship with ourselves too.

TA's underlying philosophical positions are:

Everyone is OK. Everyone can think. Everyone chose their life and these decisions can be changed

So what?

Like all coaches, I work to put you in charge of your own life and to make good healthy choices which will change your life for the better. I work to support you to identify the ways you get in your own way, the ways that you treat yourself as if you are not important.

Unlike all coaches, I am trained in TA and in coaching. I can work with you on a deeply affecting level, with years of psychotherapy, organisational leadership and coaching experience to draw from. I offer to help you to understand yourself in ways that will transform the landscape of your life from the inside out.

Here's an example of the way I will work together with you:

People PLEASER? I will help you to understand the roots of this limiting and self neglectful driver, I will show you the way toward changing your thinking feeling and behaviour so that you please yourself first and shine a little brighter for doing so.

TRYING too hard and getting nowhere? I will help you to understand why and to change your thinking, feeling and behaviour around your way of being in the world. You will learn how to achieve, finish and gain satisfaction and reward from doing so too!

Can't do it unless you can do it PERFECTLY? I will help you to understand that you are OK even if you are not perfect all the time, I will offer you ways to go easier on yourself. I will show you that if a job is worth doing, it's actually worth doing badly!

So STRONG you don't feel or express your emotions? I will help you to explore why and what purpose this has served for you and also how it is harming you. I will help you to feel and account your emotions in your decision making; being in touch with your feelings helps you to solve problems and make more effective choices.

RUSHING at everything with no sign of slowing down, rushing all those around you too? I will show you how this habit has become ingrained in you from early life and give you the opportunity to make different choices. I will help you to slow, spending more time in the here and now.

These five ways of being are called DRIVERS in TA. They are ways we were taught to be so that we would feel OK but with conditions attached ('you're OK as long as you...').
I work with people to support them to accept themselves as UNCONDITIONALLY OK.
  • If you would like coaching with me, I offer very few one2one contracts, I'm busy building and launching one2many online programmes and group retreats which I am happy to tell you more about, do get in touch. N.B. I currently have very little space to take on more individual clients but I may...
  • If you are interested in how I can work with your organisation, using TA to transform its thinking, feeling and behaviour (yes, organisations too!), please get in touch and we'll arrange a call. I am trained and skilled in organisational transformation using TA.
Lucy Power 07725560635

Lucy Power

Leadership and Success Coach , Autonomy Development Ltd

I am a Therapeutic Success Coach working with people, groups and organisations, I am trained in Transactional Analysis for psychotherapy and organisations as well as being a Barefoot trained Coach and Lead Tutor. I am passionate about the difference TA and Coaching together can make in people's lives. TA gives me a model from which to support you to examine your thinking, feeling and behaviour toward yourself, other people and your world. Together we will hold it all up to the light of Adult scrutiny and you will decide in full awareness what serves you and what doesn't. Bringing your unconscious motivations into your awareness will help you to SUCCEED, whatever this means for you.


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about 3 years ago

This is such a great overview Lucy!